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I hope they try them as adults and lock these losers away for the rest of their lives.

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You're kidding right? these pictures were posted in order to apprehend these little heathens. Good Lord this is no time to be playing the race card, they brutally murdered that poor woman.
WTH? Please justify to me why this woman lived 81 years and had to die by getting senslessly beaten?

Seriously, STHU!

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Really? How about the alternative Stimulus Package that was offered up by the GOP? He didn't listen to that. In fact Congressman from the GOP were barred from the meetings.
To bad because their solutions would have cost less than half of what Obama is spending and ACTULLY would have created some jobs!

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If they will do that for beer. Just think about what they will do food when the environmentalist put all the farmers out of business.

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PURPOSE: It is a gathering of like-minded people to network, exchange ideas and contact information so that we may grow our numbers and increase the volume of our voice.
Glenn has said that we need to "gather around our kitchen tables", I feel that the Ronald Reagan Library is an appropriate location to set up our "kitchen tables."
The honor and integrity that Ronald Reagan lived and represented to us all is not dead. This trip is a reminder, a refresher course in pride and remembering what it is to be an American without shame or apology.

I look forward to seeing you all there and meeting as many of you as possible. I believe this will be an inspiring day for us all.

In Friendship, Faith and Love for our country,

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7. PICTURES AND VIDEOS: Please bring your cameras and video cameras. After the day is over please email them to me directly at I will be making a compilation of them and sending it directly to Glenn Beck and the official 912 Project website for publication on the website and Glenn's show.

8. CONTACT: If you are organizing a group to bring and we have not yet spoken, please get in touch with me via email I will send you my phone number.
Anyone looking for a group to join up with from your area contact me and I will put you in touch with your area organizer.

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5. SIGNS & BANNERS: The Library has asked we do not bring signs or banners. However if you put a message on your T-shirt or wear a button, then that would be alright. Please be respectful, this is NOT a Tea Party or Protest.
We will not allow any distribution of leaflets or flyers for alternate causes. Though they may be valid and along the same lines of concern, we prefer to keep this a 912 Project event only.

6. LUNCH ON THE MEZZANINE: The Library is making every effort to make sure we are all accommodated. They have asked that each group stagger their entrance into the cafeteria in order to keep the line moving. I will be asking those on our bus to meet in the cafeteria at 11:45, the next group can join us at 12:00, the next at 12:15 etc.
If your group is a smaller one (10 people or less) join up with one of the larger groups.
Hopefully we can get as many of us as possible all together in one place at the same time.

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3. PARKING: There is limited parking at the top of the hill, (about 200) It is on a first come first serve basis.
There is overflow parking on Madera Ave. Look for the driveway just one down from Presidential Dr.
The Library is providing shuttle service every few minutes to those who need to park there.

4. SIGN-IN & TICKET PURCHASE: The Library is providing a special table for us to sign in and purchase our tour tickets. I will be near that table as you arrive to meet and greet with you. Group leaders and organizers please make sure to check in with Jill and me!
If a leader/organizer can collect the tour money for their group in advance ($9 ea.) that will keep things moving smoothly with minimal wait time.
The Library also has wheelchairs available for those with special needs. Ask at the table at time of check-in if someone in your group requires help.
The Library is also providing head sets for $2 for members of our group who would like to rent a set for the tour.

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1. AREA ORGANIZERS/PARTICIPANTS: It would be a good idea to have a place where you can all meet in the morning and caravan to the Library together. Pass out name badges at that time and get to know who is in your group and if anyone can car pool.
Please make a list of those in your group complete with email addresses for me to keep. I would like to put together a complete address book of all of So. Calif. 912’ers to share at a later date.
The Bakersfield group will be arriving approximately at 10:am by bus. Please try to get there around the same time.
Try to keep your group together as much as possible, especially until the tour tickets are paid for.

2. INDENTIFY YOURSELVES: It is very important that we identify ourselves to the Library and to each other. Please make name tags for your group with their name,"The 9.12 Project" and where you are from. We want to know who we are at a glance. For instance ours will say across the top The 9.12 Project, then Name, then Bakersfield.

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He should put together all the illegals as a good Samaritan army, send them down there to do the clean-up.