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No mention of his recent assertion about having tapes related to Obama in college which he intended to release this year.

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Can anybody honestly say that Romney's performance as a candidate makes them proud and excited to support him for President?

He has repeatedly proven himself to be like Obama - willing to say or do anything to shift attention to his deceptive attacks on others. He obviously has a high opinion of himself, like most candidates, but he has earned our scorn rather than our respect by his actions. Have we reached the point at which we will knowingly vote for an unprincipled liar who is learning to speak "conservative" like a foreign language just to try to get elected? How is that any better than the poll-tested liars who the Democrats have inflicted upon us? Do principles matter, or not?

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Clinton News Network. What did you expect?

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Romney must be getting really desperate in Michigan to be playing his Trump card there.

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Maybe they wouldn't let Mitt buy up all the tickets to pack the audience with supporters?

Newt should challenge Santorum to a series of Lincoln-Douglas debates around Illinois to show the voters in the March 20 primary that there is an alternative to Romney.

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It's not over yet, despite efforts by the Romney crowd to declare their own inevitability.

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"Despite Romney's effort to turn positive" - are you kidding? What evidence is there to back up this assertion? Journalism is dead, or the AP editor is clearly bised..

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With friends like these, who needs enemies? As with the liberal media, voters need to be alert to the agenda behind other reporters, and not believe everything they read, even from usually reliable sources.

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Romney is trying to maintain the illusion of inevitability. Note that his campaign just challenged the ballot access petitions of Rick Santorum in Illinois last Friday to try to prevent Illinois voters from having a choice in the March 20 primary, because he can't take the chance that conservatives will vote for somebody else, especially downstate rather than in the more liberal Chicago area. They challenged delegate slates in 10 of 14 districts where Santorum's campaign filed candidates (out of 18 districts). By contrast, Newt is on the ballot with full slates in all 18 districts. Rick Perry didn't file slates, so the election in Illinois is just Romney, Gingrich, and Paul with the exception of a few districts. Don't buy the myth of his inevitability. Since when do we call elections after 1% of the vote in a biased district (NH)?

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Pray for rain on Sept 6. Not something harmful to the good folks of Charlotte, like a hurricane. A nice, severe thunderstorm at the right time should do nicely to spoil the party and disrupt the planned media circus.