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There is an idiot here, but it's not him. Unless you know people personally, you don't know whatbkind of people they are, Daniel Bryan is obviously happy with Brie Bella, who knows, maybe she's nice and her sister isn't. I'm pretty sure a lot of current wrestling stars are wrestling with multiple concussions, so are they all turds too?

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Jericho has always said he'd never sign for another company in the US due to his respect for Vince, I don't see his entire personal ethical situation changing just to sign for Impact.

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A John Cena heel turn in a new nWo to fight Roman

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Visiting a dentist is free, having them check your teeth is free, some things do require a very small payment. It's even better if you live in Scotland (where I do), where your prescriptions are free too.

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Medically speaking we have the NHS, which works perfectly well, they don't need extra insurance, dentists are also free. We have a state pension and can choose to pay into a private plan if we like. Many of the things a US worker has to factor in aren't a problem in the UK.

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Would you spell know correctly if you knew you were going to fail at being a grammar nazi?

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Is it your mother, because she really knows how to rapper lips around...never mind

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Or just a woman named Isis, it's still a name that's used you know...

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Bryan is 209, over weight for 205 live, but you already knew that...

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The difference there is, Cena has become stale, but was actually enjoyed by the fans in the early stages of his career, he was able to carry off a great solo heel persona but was also at one point a great face character, it's the later stages of his career with the super Cena persona that made people hate him, nobody has ever loved Reigns.