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The difference there is, Cena has become stale, but was actually enjoyed by the fans in the early stages of his career, he was able to carry off a great solo heel persona but was also at one point a great face character, it's the later stages of his career with the super Cena persona that made people hate him, nobody has ever loved Reigns.

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Well, he pretended to for a little while after the steroid scandal, with Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels

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I think the article likely means wrestlers who are performing mainly in the UK, rather than specifically being british, not well written though.

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It's nothing to do with PC and everything to do with the fact that he didn't bother to tell them until the accusations were made public and ran the risk of destroying their image for their sponsors.

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The matches have been getting gradually better, building to I hope, something huge at MITB.

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At least now we know the breakup is totally for ratings and nothing else.

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Yeah, I feel like this match was better than the previous two and that they are building to something bigger, unfortunately these days people don't have the patience to allow a feud to run longer than a month.

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Can't say I have.

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I think probably Flair, Hogan made some good business decisions alongside the bad, Flair didn't know how to keep his hands on money, or more likely, didn't want to. Who had more fun in their prime, probably Flair, and now it's starting to take its toll.

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I also think if they're interested in Getting Strowman over to the point of becoming a top champion, then having him Feud with Rollins, who can make him look amazing in the ring for it would make a lot more sense, than Brock, who's only in it for himself. I think Braun is everything Vince normally looks for, he's that new great big guy, and I can't understand why he isn't being pushed even harder, especially since he has managed to get over fairly organically, unlike Roman, who looks weak and nobody likes.