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Gargoyles 1x06, 1x07, 1x08, 1x10!

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Oh wow! I had no idea a revival was happening... guess I have some reading to do!

I remember watching the forum drama from a distance... I never got involved in the RPGW forums. Other webcomic forums, LiveJournal webcomics drama, sure! But somehow I didn't get dragged into those.

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SO this is one of my favorite episodes, and includes some adorable references. As posted above, lots of Utena references, but also some slightly more personal ones! Steven's action figures--some of which are more recognizable than others.

The first is an adorable cross between Pikachu and a Moogle, the second is Gitaroo Man, and the third is the one, the only, the legendary Sanic the Hegehog.

(I like to believe that in the world of SU, this is the actual canonical design in the video games.)

The last figure is the most important (to me personally) and often mis-labeled!

This is not, in fact, Cloud Strife, though it sure looks like him! No, this is Hero, the main character of Ian JQ's old webcomic, RPG World. RPG World was a loving parody of JRPGs, and Hero was definitely modeled on Cloud, so the mistake is quite understandable.

Ian JQ wrote and drew RPG World for many years, and it was one of my favorite webcomics throughout middle school and early high school. I even ran a tabletop roleplay based on it! Sadly he abandoned the comic just before the grand finale (on a hell of a cliffhanger, too) but the archive is still online. You can read it here!

Ian, of course, went on to become one of the directors of SU and partner of Rebecca Sugar, so an RPG World reference isn't a huge surprise--just really cute.

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Came here to post this same series of gifs, thank you for beating me to it! I was about halfway through my Utena watch when I saw this episode of SU, and completely lost my shit at the swordfight. I couldn't stop cackling with glee. I would say this is the moment that I knew the show had hooked me and there was no turning back.

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Ah! Ah. Ah! Goodness. GOODNESS. I am overwhelmed all over again. I read this for the first time when I was about eight, and it just... it was perhaps the single image from the entire series that stuck with me the most: Nita and Kit taking her parents to the Moon. I grew up with a love of astronomy, courtesy of my father. His whole life, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but circumstances (and poor eyesight) never let that happen. So in this chapter, Nita gets to live out one of my most intense desires in all the world: taking a parent to the Moon. For her, it's her mother. For me, it'd be my father.

I might not have wizardry, but I'm still not giving up on that dream. I'll get him there, someday, somehow.

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Nothing like crying about wizards to wake me up first thing in the morning. What a wonderful book. What a wonderful everything. I read this for the first time when I was probably seven or eight, and I've honestly never been the same. I'm so glad you're enjoying it so much, Mark.

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Tsuritama! A wonderful sweet anime about teenage boys and fishing and feelings. Twelve episodes, perfectly paced, with gorgeous animation and legitimate character development. I've watched it a half dozen times and introduced it to many many friends. Might be a nice change of pace to do something upbeat and delightful!

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