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To me, it looks more like a cat face.

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Woah dude, what is THAT? -points to the image shown teasing the appearance of Tree Hugger in the game-

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I once went to a tea party at a smaller anime convention when I was in middle school, but I may go to the Rocky Horror one in NYC this year!

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Sunset Shimmer's scientist form reminds me of Frank N Furter...maybe it's the glove snap!

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This is adorable, but nothing will be able to beat this rendition of the Happy Birthday song. Hit it, Frank N Furter!
Or maybe we should do a parody of this where the reaction shots during the song are shown as the song plays...

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In case you're wondering why this doesn't have a theatrical release, I think you should blame Fathom Events' screening of this musical, because I had a theory it was successful since it gained another limited release after the Fathom one:
Yes, you heard me right! A new musical about soldiers in Hawaii during World War 2 that Tim Rice (who worked with songs in Disney movies) adapted from a classic book made more money than a My Little Pony film, and this musical isn't even for kids: from what I've the songs, there is a lot of profanity and the sound effects depict violence! I'm gonna watch it sometime!

Then again, there was an "August 2015" release date given by Toy Fair...

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Señor Huevos hates chicken?

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Yes. That's what I guessed, since the second movie came in theaters in late September, and the TV airing was in October. I guess that this will be the release pattern for EQG movies now, since I suppose Shout! Factory thought the movies did better during that time of year:
Movie in theaters in late September
TV airing in October
DVD release a week or two later

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How about the prompt is "What do you think the puppet dimension is like?" Señor Huevos rules!