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coped from Tacoma Tribune

Hilary Bricken, Attorney at Law, Canna Law Group, ( a practice group of Harris & Moure, pllc , responds to the question of opting out with this email response;

“Under I-502, any so-called “opting out” is patently not allowed and also unconstitutional. Moreover, any arbitrary moratorium or rolling moratoria without a serious work/implementation plan will fail in court for the same unconstitutional reason as I-502 now stands.

Pursuant to I-502, cities and counties cannot enact local laws that pre-empt or conflict with State law. If they do, an affected stakeholder will certainly have standing to sue and should. Even if the cities and counties trot out Federal preemption, there certainly isn’t any argument to be made (anymore) that there’s a realistic threat of Federal prosecution (see August 29, 2013 Cole memo) and hopefully the State Attorney General would step in to defend the constitutionality of I-502…because it’s constitutional; States can define their own criminal standards and penalties and that includes the regulation of cannabis. Nonetheless, none of the foregoing means that cities won’t TRY to defy the law. It will just end up being a costly mistake if they do.”

Again, local government moratoriums or prohibitions…can they?

so you guys better listen to your city attorney. I want to put in a pot store and city stops me I sue for big amount dollars.

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it's spelled a-d-d. add

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I do not smoke marijuana. ok, maybe I did in 80s but I didnt' inhale.
“I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.” Ronald Raygun. Now is that stupid or what.
Nixon is the one responble for putting marijuana on the Controlled Substances Act as Schedule 1, ahead of cocaine and equal with heroin. more stupid
I am dyslexic so I have trouble seeing and typing words. I also drink. but, thats legal.
You all should be more concerned with your fat children consuming all the sugar and fasr foods. I drive around sunnyside and I see fat children. I see fat adults too but you are all concerned with a little marijuana whixh has never hurt anyone.
The federal law used to allow slaves. Then they said ok, you can only have slaves down south. You have to stand up on your hindlegs for what is right. Otherwise we all citisens of great Britain.
fessup, you don't know much. You know those lasy pot smokers you whinew about. These people all smoke or smoked pot; Obama (he became pres no matter what you thin of him, Most of NBA, Steven jobs, Bruce Lee, Al and Tipper Gore, Bill Murray, willie nelson, Bill Gates, Bob Dylan, Burt Reynolds, Carlos Sanatana, Carl Sagan, Bill Clinton, Dan Quayle, charlize Theron, Francis ford Coppola, New Mexico gov Gary Johnson, Johnny Cash, Mike Bloomberg mayor of New York, Newt Gingrich, Stevn King, Do those look like laxy people to you? admit you wrong fess.

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Jerseys. A small dairyman in an other state told me this decades ago. Congratulations to Jeff for being on the cutting age.

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The city leaders are ignorant hipocrites. And I don't say that litely. You allow Walmart to sell liquor right there where very child can see it. You allow liquor and nicotine to be sold within a few hundred feet of scools, churches, arcade centers, etc. Nicotine kills nearly half a million people per year and liquir kills about 80000. You can google it and see for yourself. Marijuana kills noone. Thats why i call you hipocrites. You are living in the past and believe all that old nonsense the Nixon and Reagun presidents told you. Smarten up Sunnyside!

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He also noted that Sunnyside has a strong faith-based community and police should get together with churches to help integrate society."

thats not good. We don't need the bible thumpers telling the rest of us how to liove our lives. Our forefathers would have afit if they thought the police and churches were in bed togather.

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Several signs have been acquired by the city"

My word half a million dollars to display several signs?

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nobody is saying you drive under the influence. You shouldn't drive if you are taking certIin medications or even if texting in your phone. But the cell phone or the car don't have sometiong in them that kills people. We are thinking of alcohol (serouisis of liver) nicotine ( lung cancer). Marijuana has none of that. Use some common sense Flying Fortress.

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man, you would think they are going to be selling rat poison.Marijuana has never killed anyone. It doesnt make you act crazy or see or do crazy things. Alcohol ans nicotine kill hindreds of thousands of people per year. And you let them sell it every where. You people need to pull your head out of the sand and wake up.

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once again the Sunnyside Police Department making stuff up.