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I'm all in.

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This is exactly the point that AB was trying to make to the conservatives. It wouldn't really have taken a rocket scientists to add the "out of nowhere" bomb throwing of George Steph at the debate, the constructed twisting from there to direct the conversation to social issues...knowing the conservatives would take the bait as we are known to be honest about who we are, and the set up of this hearing and this spokesman. Really, Rush, you didn't have time to do a little homework here? You could have really nailed this story, had you listened to AB. We are not required to take the bait, we are not required to respond to the lefts poking and prodding, we are not required to apologize...the left assigns their behaivior to us. Had you been listening you would have heard them telling the world what they were going to do here, because they accused the conservatives of doing it (remember the original hearing? yes, they accused us of having that set up with set up speakers...hello? anybody home?). Wise up conservative media and do your homework.

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I'm in. Where do we donate?

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Roses are red
Violets are blue
Andrew had you by the balls
He'll have the last F U too!

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Saw this in person in Wisconsin over a year ago. Illegal activity is tolerated when the unions and marxist progressives are in seats of power and allowed to waive the law...more voters for them is how they see it.

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Agreed here in Wisconsin. AB was a rock, along with Sarah Palin when the Tea Party rally was surrounded and intimidated on a snowy day last year at around this time. I remember standing there, soaking wet, with jeering and abusive language was being screamed at us from all sides, except the capitol building where the stage holding AB was backed by the building. "Go to hell" he announced after calling them out..."Yes, go to hell!". Took a great deal of courage in that pretty dicey atmosphere to call them out for their vulgar signs and screams, as well as doing it during the anthem. You could feel the change then. You could feel the Tea Party patriots stand a little taller and begin to laugh and cheer in the face of the initimidation. AB alone, turned that moment around...and all the great speakers after that and the TP crowd held their own after that.

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In true AB character I've copied and sent out to all, tweeted and posted everywhere your low life response to a call to support his family. Lucky for you to hide behind a username with your hate. Lucky for us to see you clearly and not be you.

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I saw this several times on FOX news yesterday and it makes me crazy too. I too just happen to see the original..and as you say it was not "edited" at all. It was an excerpt, completely in tact. And the reality is that the full tapes were also posted and against the MSM meme, she admits to being a racist and doing racist things in her capacity as a government worker. The main issue that seems to get completely forgotten was that it was th audience NAACP, reaction that Andrew was noting...At the time the NAACP was calling conservatives "racists" and Andrew was pointing their organization lauding someone acting like a racist. That has some how been completely lost in translation.

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"So he fought as the happiest of warriors, gamely poking the smug bastards and bastardettes who masqueraded as our moral and intellectual betters right in their humorless cakeholes"....AB would absolutely love that line! The idea of never seeing Andrew "rolling" at one of his events or speeches is too damn sad...I can only imagine if my heart aches at losing that joyful spirit...there have got to be 4 broken hearted mini merry pranksters right now at home with his wife, that will be looking long and hard to find traces of their dad everywhere they go. Our job is to make sure they have no trouble finding it...ever.

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How do we help AB's family? I want those children to know how much their father meant to us, liberty and the fight for America's survival. Please set something up here where we can leave a few words and a donation, if we can afford it, to let them know.