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I find this Obese Buffoon absolutely disgusting, with no class and very low brow the way he takes on anyone who questions his royal hignness. UGH! This CLOWN will never get my vote for any position in our government. He would need to lose 250 pounds just to be elected DOG CATCHER!

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You expected something else from an ObamaBot?

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Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Best of luck to Trey and Jenn and I wish them continued success and good health. :)

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Cowardly PUNKS! Seven of these maggots against one kid? Pfft!

Throw the book at these low-life idiots.

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This doofus is coming unhinged. The most UNprofessional, Unpresidential and Unqualified person running for our nations highest office.

Stop embarrassing yourself and the Party, Saint Santorum. Just GO AWAY!

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Sheriff Joe is a Great American Patriot. Thank you, Sheriff Joe, for all you do. A Contribution for your reelection is coming your way.

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If these Marxist Morons say one more word about Mitt Romney's wife's 2 Cadillac's I am going to PUKE!

Send these nutballs back to Chicago in January!

Go Mitt! On to Victory!

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Sorry, Sarah, but we already have a FRONTRUNNER who will have the required number of delegates before mid-April. He is the only candidate who is fully qualified to be POTUS and has a stellar record of accomplishment and SUCCESS, both as a Governor and as a Businessman who helped create hundreds of thousands of American JOBS!

Mitt Romney will be our Nominee and will beat Obama and become our 45th President.

Thanks, but no thanks! Mitt's got it covered!

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Andrew Brieitbart will still be an American Patriot and a Crusader for Conservative values long, long after today. Susanne WHO???

Rest in Peace, brave Warrior. You did one hell of a job in the short time you had here on earth. We all love you, Andrew. Prayers to your family, wife and children!

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More like Mohammed!