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After 40 years of activism and as a former Officer of a Conservative Association for many years, I believe I am entitled to criticise ( or snipe as you term it ). Much of my time has been given up to support excellent MPs and candidates in neighbouring constituencies as well as in my own area.
But this is not the Conservative Party I joined and spent so many happy years supporting.

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The local elections, particularly in London, will be a watershed.

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Anyone who puts themselves forward for a target seat under the current climate is either a supreme optimist or a masochist. We are all doomed with our leadership and the suspected 70,000 membership numbers.
The sheer incompetence that the Conservative Party has shown in recent times condemns us to a government led by Marxists ,Corbyn and McDonnell.
Oh woe is me ! I despair !

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Perhaps women should contemplate wearing a might yet become compulsory in some areas,

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Theresa May has to go NOW !
The public, the Party , MP's and even she herself have lost their confidence in her.
To avoid risking a General Election defeat and to keep out the Socialists who would ruin this country, it is imperative that she resigns ASAP.
Given the possibly very short timeframe before a GE and the prevailing mood of the public, only one person can lead the Conservative Party to victory; Boris Johnson.

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Bob Neil voted with his constituency.

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However,the early indications of a Theresa May government made up of unconvincing and divided ministers are hardly propitious.
Strength in politics can change unbelievably quickly. Just ask David Cameron and George Osborne.
Beware the Ides of March, Theresa !

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This is very harsh personal criticism of Greg Clark and totally undeserved.
Does Mr.Termerko actually believe that any one Minister can make an impact with such radical measures as he recommends in 5 months ? Mr. Clark took his present post in July 2016. Complete nonsense by the author.

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Surely the Prime Minister now has a private jet. An upgrade from economy to business class is just not in the same league.

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Great Rant ! I thoroughly enjoyed your style.