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I happen to think Paula Deen is a pretty neat person and really her having Diabetes an her Smoking habit is non-of-our-business. I too am a Diabetic and just cause Paula cooks Southern Fatty foods doesn't mean I have to cook or eat it.
She's extremely entertaining with her catchy laugh & smile. And I just enjoy watching her cook.
Plus Paula is also agoraphobic. So I look at Paula as a real person who did not have to share anything about her personal life.
I hope her show continue with Southern cooking or maybe she will have a side show Healthy eating for Diabetics as her Son is launching a show based on her recipes and cutting out the fats and making it Healthy
So that may be one of the reason's she is speaking about Diabetes.
Either way, I don't think Paula has done anything wrong an is cooking foods she grew up with and sharing that with Us the Food Network junkies, hahaa.

All I care about is that Paula is taking care of herself an her Diabetes is under control, As I'd like to see her continue with much Success in her Show and in Life.

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Makes me sick to think about it but this isn't new and back in the 80's Downtown Portland was ramp'd with Pimps and very young kids working for them and Police didn't do a thing. As a youngster I had Pimps try to play that story with me. How I would go around the World and have lots of money and blah blah, I was smart and walked away but I had friends who go trapped in that lie and Yes young as 16yrs old . These Pimps would wait for kids to get off
Tri-met and harrass .
My point is to educate your kids from these kinda soul stealers and I'm not joking , I always wished I could get involved in my Portland community to educate some of these kids who think running away is the answer just to be snapped up by some Low-Life Pimp or otherwise. Pimps work fast an will send you off to different States if they know you can make money.
But Seattle isn't the only State with this problem and with promoting kids in the back of those magazine ads, You just gotta know what to look for.
It's just awful to know your child could be a victim and not even know it cause they are not street smart just book smart.

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I can see why there is a policy as if you notice how people are so short tempered these days.

Manager could of took her aside and counted it as a courtesy so she wouldn't feel embarrassed. And like another person mentioned, This is what it is coming down to is using our change to pay for items and those counter machines charge too much like 8% and a lot of Banks don't have counter machines anymore.
But if the Store is gonna have a policy then it should be clearly stated where Consumers can see it.
I shop at F.Meyers all the time and I didn't know there was a policy.

Guess We should all check our local stores now as I wouldn't want to be in line counting change as the person behind me is rolling there eyes and making gesturish sounds of being impatient while I look for .27 cents.

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Clackamas Fire Dept is the BEST. There response time is incredible.
I was woke up by the engines this morning as I live up the street. I could see all the smoke & Riverbend is a nice park and my heart goes out to the husband . I think it's a 50 and over park.

I hope he recovers well and my condolences to the Family.

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I remember watching TV commercials of the Marlboro man and how cool he was smoking, he made that choice and so it should be his choice to stop, Just getting tired of Government shoving ad's like these down our throats.
Besides it was the Government who started the Smoking Campaigns and the Drinking way back when (prohibition times) So there are a lot of people who dis-trust the Government and there lies as they are still pocketing money from the sales of Cigarettes & Alcohol. Who do they think they are fooling?

These ad's aren't going to change a smokers mind- Nicotine is a very powerful drug and smoking is a personal choice. Let people decide for themselves , if smoking is what they wanna do so be it. I've never believed in the 2 hand smoke or none of that.

We all breathe fumes of some sort everyday that I'm sure are much worst & People have jobs that effect there lungs causing COPD as well.

My Mother passed away from COPD and never smoked in her life, she worked at many job that had acoustic fumes, So don't let the Government fool you into thinking Smoking causes COPD or You'll die from 2nd Hand smoke. Educate yourself .

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It's about time. She totally deserve some kinda compensation for the State not doing there job and walking away from the scene at the time when she was right there under there nose.
I'd say she is very lucky to be alive after 18 yrs of abuse. And it seems even after all her suffering and her talking about what happened still hasn't changed the way States do there welfare checks.
We still horror story's how children who have been kidnapped or held against there own will by there parents have died because the System doesn't do the correct checking or just blows off the information they get.
So glad to hear she is doing something for herself.

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Geez I live in Clackamas and haven't gotten my Invite. These Raves are pretty harmless. What would Clackamas like the youngster to do as Clackamas doesn't have a lot out here. Kinda reminds me of a movie called "FOOTLOOSE" just change the scenes a bit. Let the Youngster enjoy Life & Music, I know Drugs and Alcohol sometimes leak into the crowd but that can be said for many things.
But I would like to know where they are going on as I would love to RAVE .

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I just don't get how some people can do such evil things to animals. 1st someone throws a kitten outta there car and breaks it back and Vets have to put it to sleep now this guy punishes a puppy to death.
I truly hope none of these people have kids and this Puppy killer Dustin Wells get the books thrown at him, makes you wonder what other crimes this guy has done.
DON'T get a pet if your not gonna properly learn how to care for a pet. Pets give unconditional love AND if you are already in a position that you can't care for Your pet-PLEASE take it to a local shelter or even ask a neighbor for help but abusing an animal is the same as abusing your child or trying to bully a animal falls under the same situation.

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Holy moly. 1st 3 kids 5-9 Kill a Cat in MT Angel by stomping on it and then poking it with sticks and NOW two 12yr olds burn done a Play Structure with Molotov cocktails. What the heck is going on with Parenting?

I realize these kids are very young and obviously not being supervised , so I'd have to say these Parents should be fined , there is no excuse for behavior like this at all. UNLESS these are the kinda Parents who just brush off incidents as a "They will grow outta of it / or nothing will happen to them cause there minors" Well I'd say teach the Parents a lesson too cause if they cannot control there children then maybe they should take Parenting classes , Pay a hefty fine and do some Real Community Service with there Children then maybe they will pay a bit more attention to what is going on.
There is NO EXCUSE for either of these incidents at all. Parents start teaching your children , Do not let Society dictate how you should raise your own children - It's called "PUNISHMENT" take away there Favorite Toys / Cell Phones / any Privileges- You are the Parent, remember

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Crawfish are delicious and if You love em- On Friday Aug 19th ALL U CAN EAT t at IKEA but hurry before tickets are all sold out.