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I did not make personal attacks on you or on any other commentator so I would expect the same courtesy in return. Communication ends.

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I think I am not alone in having already tuned out the constant hectoring from the public health lobby. I want to live the remaining years of my life and not be expected to hide away or walk around wearing a panty liner across my mouth. Only having the vaccine as I expect I will need the certificate when I finally manage to find a flight somewhere. Otherwise I am no longer listening.

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We need to reassess our relationship with China and the Chinese regime and not simply in terms of trade. The west allows Chinese students into its universities to study any subject. What skills and/or knowledge are they acquiring and how is it being applied? For example how many have studied biology and were any subsequently employed in Chinese laboratories such as the bio-weapons facility at Wuhan? Perhaps we should allow them to study dress-making or Shakespeare but not biochemistry or nuclear physics.

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The theft of pets will be seen by all right thinking people as an abhorrent crime but this is not reflected in the seriousness with which it is treated, especially by police forces which spend their time trawling through people's social media accounts looking for something to be offended by.

Changing sentencing guidelines would help and possibly a minimum sentence as well. Furthermore, pets are not stolen by individuals acting alone but by groups involved in that activity so why not also treat it as a conspiracy where the sentence would be even higher?

What can the rest of us do to help stamp it out? Well we are all free to chose which firms of solicitors we use so for a start we could withdraw out business from any which defend persons convicted of animal cruelty.

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I sympathise with your mother and I have heard similar sentiments expressed by others in the same age group. Essentially they realise their remaining time is limited and want to enjoy it rather than survive it. I would not wish to deny them that.

What I have noticed and mainly from looking at the shouting matches, (I will not call them debates), on some local FB pages where probably most of the participants are not Conservative supporters is that certain factors apply by and large. Those in favour of longer lockdowns often work in the public sector or are comfortably retired. Those who want restrictions to end often work for themselves or in the private sector. There is another pattern, although less obvious, in that former Remainers are often in favour of lockdowns whilst former Brexiteers are opposed. It would be interesting if we could see the risk profiles of their investments as well.

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Has anyone else noticed a correlation between those who want lockdowns for longer and those whose income is not affected by that policy?

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Not sure that making personal attacks on other contributors will lead to a constructive debate, especially when they do not make such attacks on you. End.

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Are we really going to have the entire policy of the Government and control of life in the country decided by a self-selecting group of 'scientists' who do not suffer any loss of jobs or income as a result of the measures they dictate.

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Amazing that for the first time I agree with David Gauke. That is a measure of the failure of Hancock. When will Tory MPs ensure this individual is removed from an office for which he is intellectually ill-equipped and psychologically unsuited.

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I want the freedom to choose where and when I spend my own money on travel without the need for the permission of some jobsworth paid out of my taxes.