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I had replaced the battery phone's working fine, but recently i'd another problem actually i was travelling from last week, now when i'm home, it shows Searching.. and NO SERVICE repeatedly, i'd tried ios 4.0.2,5.1.1 with BB 6.15.00 and 5.13.04..
now m on 6.1.3 bb 5.13.04 unlock-able via ultrasn0w!!
when i put my sim in another phone it shows full network signals. while its a problem with my iphone..
i'd tried other sim with iphone but same problem!!

Please help!!!

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ok, then i'll replace this battery and then try!!

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yeah, that time i'd restore,

but same problem i face again, this time my phone had 4 % battery left, i had no source of charging so i turn the phone off, in the morning when i reached home, i put my phone on charging, and goto sleep, after almost 6 hours i wake and see, it has 3% battery left and there is full charged sign on the battery, so i restore in as later that problem is solved by it, but this time i successfully restored and stuck a red battery screen,

now, whenever i put it in DFU and Pwned DFU mode it was recognize by itunes but when i click restore, the process started and my phone light up and then disconnected and shows the dead battery screen.. while itunes stuck at "Preparing iphone for restore" or verifying iphone restore" and ended up shows error 1600, 1601, 1602, etc.. please help!!
from last three days i'm facing this!! please help!!

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Thnx for the replies, i don't have a bad battery, i just restored my iphone using itunes to a custom 6.1.2 ios, with same battery!!

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same problem i 'd face a month ago, as i said, overnight charging won't charge the phone, but, at the beginning of this, iphone show fully charged battery symbol but doesnt charge up, do anyone notice that part??

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I had put it overnight charge but in vain and before that i'd restored 6.1.3 3 times but same problem all the time,
now m facing a new problem, iphone got disconnected while itunes is "preparing iphone for restore".

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I have 3gs, new bootrom, i have face this problem once but that time i solved it by restoring but it takes 2-3 days, now i'd follow the same but in vain!!

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Restore and Redsn0w!! :P

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Hey there, i dnt knw exactly what happens, but i installed Multiflow that is incompatible with ios6 so after that my iPhone stuck and when it turns on i uninstalled it, while then when it connected to PC or power supply, it shows the fully charged battery icon and doesn't take charge, times goes and my Battery got Drained,


I'd restored ios 6.1.3 via itunes 3 times, after third i use RedSn0w for jailbreak but that part was interrupted by a BIG Low Battery sign which appears on screen!! please help me out!!

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actually its giving error 1600 with all the custom IPSWs made by using simple mode via snowbreeze!!
while IPSWs made by iFAITH mode are restored without any error!!
while its now installing 6.1.3 or 6.1.2 which are directly downloaded from TheIphonewiki.

So i installed Custom IPSW made via iFaith mode and activate it using Redsn0w!! now everythings working fine!!
though in the beginning my friends sms is turn into some unknwn message but now its fine!!