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Rev Al and Jesse are not racial pimps/ They do sell their protection services to corporations like pimps. But underlying that is their real business, the reason their corporate entities get paid is that they are racial arsonists.

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Interesting that this attack by 7 black teenagers on a hispanic male is a potential hate crime but the attack by Trayvon on Zimmerman, another hispanic, who in this case was able to legally defend himself is attacked as a hate crime itself????

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Another Republican RINO seeking to have country and party commit suicide. The reality is that no country can increase its deficit 10% of GDP each year (for the last 3 years and planned for the next six years) without utter economic collapse that we will not recover from in any of our lifetimes. This is the fact. Does anybody dispute that it has grown by 12%, 9%, 9% and now planned 10% over the last three years and this? Does anyone dispute that the percent of the population with jobs has dropped by 8% to the lowest level since the mid-1970s) since Obama was elected? Does anyone dispute that this is incompatible with survival? Yet with these facts you have Bush slagging the Republicans? Romney spending tens of millions on non-fact based slagging of his opponents while having nothing substantive to say about Obama or to define an alternative. Gingrich (who I like) pandering with anti-capitalist rhetoric? Santorum spending his time on irrelevant culture wars issues instead of focusing on the real issue that the country will not survive another 4 years of Obama. The Lamestream media continue their role as Obama cheerleaders. The Tea Party are the only ones focused on reality and they seem to have just given up. Man, this is just depressing.

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The truly remarkable thing is that so many Jewish people support the left who will ultimately destroy them. The reality is that Jews so well in capitalist, competitive, free, and free market societies and that in societies where all power is centered in the state it is absolutely inevitable that the state will eventually turn against them. States are about power. Power is more easily wielded when the people are divided and turned against "enemies" who are small, identifiable, and separate from the masses. It is not a coincidence that the collectivists of the Marxist variety (Stalin and Castro and Putin to name a couple) and of a racial variety (Hitler comes to mind) were virulently anti-Semitic. How Jewish people who prosper in freedom and capitalism and become victims and targets in statism, collectivism and socialism can continue to support the left just baffles me.

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Recapitulates an old left phenomenon. In the former USSR their psychiatric nomenclature model listed a whole series of schizophrenia-related diagnoses specifically focused on "patients" (e.g. political prisoners) whose delusional beliefs caused them to challenge government control, widely accepted social concepts (like the primacy of the Communist party), and the intentions of government leaders. How fascinating to see that now that the US political climate is being dominated by Alinsky-style closet-Marxists, they are reviving the old Soviet mis-use of psychiatry as a tool for demonization and denigration of their legitimate political opponents.

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This fool misses key features unique to the US Constitution, Separation of Powers, the Federal system with independent states closer to the people managing most direct contacts from government to people, the right to bear arms and so many more. Someone with as limited and parochial a vision as Her, someone with such a lack of historical insight should NOT be a Supreme Court justice. She is basically an ignorant ACLU advocate masquerading as a Supreme Court justice.

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Ethnicities who marry the women they have children with, value and seek education, and enter into businesses do spectacularly well in America - think Russian and German Jews, Cubans, Japanese and Chinese immigrants among others. Ethnicities who do 2 of 3 of these behaviors do average. Ethnicities who do 1/3 or 0/3 of these behaviors become the underclass. Success in America is not about religion or race or national origin or language, it is about behavior.

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Last time I ever buy any of their music. Leftist creeps.

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Marxist assumptions and policies underpin persistent decades long European economic stagnation. No surprise that the Alinsky radical Obama feels comfortable there.

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Their comments are so ironic and foolish. The only thing that made China, india, Japan, Korea, and the other Asian powers relevant in the modern world after 4 centuries of submission to Europe is the fact that they adopted capitalism. The thing that made America the wealthiest country in the world was capitalism. The thing that make Kong Kong and Singapore economically successful is their capitalism. The world needs more capitalism not less.

Someone looking at the world 5 centuries ago and seeing the sophisticated and powerful Chinese, Moghul, Ottoman and Aztec empires and the fractious, scattered, impoverished Europeans would never have expected Europe to emerge dominant. But all the big empires had monied elites (aristocracies) who feared capitalist competition and the creative destruction that growth and meritocracy brings and suppressed their nascent capitalists while the division of Europe prevented anybody from establishing hegemony (ruling classes hate the disruption capitalism brings) and the competition between nations led naturally to the development of capitalism and its children trade and technology and the rise of the European and Anglo-Saxon world hegemony. Now we again have the monied masters decrying those pesky capitalists and the competition and meritocracy they bring and seeking to again shackle the giant enabler of human ability, capitalism.