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From: All Dukes of Hell, Minions, Demons, Liberals, Gays, etc.
To: Satan, Father of Lies, Destroyer of Worlds, etc.

Patience Lord, by the end of the month we will have sugar-craving kiddies in our clutches once again.

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They won't have even seen Saw VI so how does Brazier know that the violence has been increased? Where was his Lord-ban-a-lot outrage during the previous four sequels, (which the public managed to sit through without turning into kidnapping, torturing psychopaths), or didn't he need the publicity then?
I am only sorry that Mediawatch flipper-wagger Dave Turtle wasn't picked as John Beyer's replacement; the puns would never end. Perhaps he didn't stick his neck out enough.

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Conservapedia is more like a parody site, it is such a pile of excruciatingly biased sludge. The fundies who run it actually seem to believe that presenting anything they wish as 'true and verifiable' and outside 'personal opinion', equals fairness and neutrality just because you don't get that on Wikipedia.

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Having had a shufty round the website, to make fun of this man almost seems like laughing and pointing at the mentally ill or a wounded animal. He is literally quite mad, describing (amongst other experiences) a 'big foam hand' repeatedly patting him on the shoulder, rods sprouting from his chest once when he was in bed and, upon arriving home from church in a huff, a 'bearded man' pulling him into a sitting position, then vanishing into thin air. He admits to having a long history of addictions and financial disasters as well as passages suggesting that he is a self-loathing homosexual.

In short, a disturbed extreme introvert trying to make sense of his life to the point where he sees the material, scientific world as the fantasy one.

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Co-incidence - I discovered a few weeks ago that the Shroud was used to clone Prince William who will bring us Hell on Earth in 2012.

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Earlier this year, one response to the Magna Carta of Catholic priest paedophilia reports was an "atheists are the real evil" outburst from near the top. Now, self-restraint to not download child porn is lumped in with "inhuman expectations". I wonder what other gems this two-page letter of Mancini's contained if the theatrical self-pity, shifty and ludicrous blame diversion and talk of forgiveness don't already sum up the whole thing.

Those who confided their past experiences of molestation to the bishop might now be wondering if is it not a distinct possibility that he was using them to get his rocks off.

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'95%' also sounds like a fair estimate for the amount of Catholic priests who got away with committing abuse.

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Gives a whole new meaning to 'God speed'. Perhaps he mistook the area for a red see-the-light district.

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The supreme piety and cynicism of both religions once again magnified by a clash between them. It is morbidly fascinating how both sides attempt to dress up their fight for dominance as concern for each other rather than concern for themselves.

Muslims - We love the USA, we love Americans, oh yeah!... but please all convert to Islam, it'll just be better that way.
Christians - People worshipping a god other than ours? Quick, to the Salvation-mobile!

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They really are Mrs Chaplin's words according to the piece, although they might as well have been drafted by walking holy huff Andrea M W who chimes in underneath.