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What is done is done.

Yes there were some severe blunders and yes some people were out of their depth. Have a public inquiry and let the courts enforce the law in terms of negligence and professional misconduct.

Meanwhile hurry up and reopen the economy. Stop pussy footing about ruining the prospects of an entire generation so that grave dodgers can have another six months in their armchair, half of them are waiting for peace anyway. Accept that life expectancy will be lower for the next 10 years and push forward with a pro-growth agenda.

Make some tough decisions that are in the country’s long term interests.

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Rishi Sunak is not a Conservative treasurer. He is profligate in the extreme.

So far he has thrown £200bn at catching the knife. He has done this by handing out this money for people to wallow at home. This creates terrible moral hazard and creates huge resistance to getting people back to work. It is short term populism that creates major long term difficulties. Not Conservative at all.

Now consider; total income tax receipts for 20/21 were expected to be £191bn.

It would have been vastly more pro-growth to simply waive income tax for 20/21. This would have created a huge incentive for people to be economically productive and would have generated tremendous momentum to drive forward the recovery.

He has instead tried to flatten inequality and done so by transferring income to reward the most unproductive people in the economy at the expense of the most productive. Rewarding exactly the wrong kind of behaviours.

Sunak has used £200bn to create widespread unproductive behavioural norms. It’s an unmitigated disaster.

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Is Sunak allergic to money?

Are we really this certain that Keynesian economics is water tight?

What could possibly go wrong?

I would strongly recommend any company to issue its own weight in junk bonds in order to pursue a gigantic program of equity buybacks.

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What's on the agenda?

I'm bored rigid of hearing about endless damage limitation schemes.
Climate control, China, replacement trade deals, Trump, COVID, statues, blah blah blah.

I honestly wonder if leadership is even a variable in these numerous crisis matters as we just defer power to experts and advisers (who by the way, have been demonstrably clueless throughout Brexit and COVID).

What tangible things are going to happen in 2021 to make the UK more entrepreneurial and economically agile? Because, correct me if I am wrong, I think that is the vision isn't it?

We shouldn't aspire to have the world largest economy, but why can't we have the highest per capita income? or the highest wealth density? We don't want a big ugly economy, we want a razor sharp one.

How do we promote an "animal spirits" culture without sounding like a 1980's Chicago professor?

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We all end up dead.

It’s what you achieve in the middle bit that counts.

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Pointlessly obnoxious commentary from Patel. Exhibiting zero leadership potential or ability to bring about an actual solution or modified behaviour.

Better to say to the Liverpool fans...

“well done, you have had your fun. Now let’s beat the pandemic.”

Instead she has illustrated her lack of life experience as a part of a community or partisan identity. Which puts her at odds with about 90% of Brits outside London and therefore 88% of all Brits.

Of course she isn’t looking to solve the gatherings in Liverpool, these comments are nothing but virtue signalling to other careerists inside Westminster. Which I think is a really weird and narrow way to go about a political career.

Ministers should try to be much more Napoleonic and much less like Caligula.

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I doubt the scenario you have invented is true.

Contractors are usually working at a loss until the final payment is made.

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I’m not even sure why the government would want to own such an app?

Much better to use a private company and if it gets hacked or breaks (which is quite likely) you can blame them, fire them, sue them.

Simply structure the contract so they get paid for successful outcomes.

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The failure was obvious as soon as it became clear that we were not going to build the simplest most minimalist version possible.

South Korea succeeded because ‘time to deployment” is a thing.

Ours will be an expensive flop that isn’t finished until long after it’s needed because we are instead obsessed with “making it better than everyone else’s version” in order to satisfy the chip on our shoulder.

It’s not worth spending an entire month making the distance measurement a bit more accurate. By then we don’t need the bloody thing.

Predictably a disaster.

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That is a silly and naive use of the word “never”.