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Remind me again... who is leading the polls?

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The cabinet have had two months to act.

Rather telling of their own staggering incompetence that they are forced into action the night before an election!

As voters step into the polling booth tomorrow... what the hell are those voting for the Conservatives actually voting for??

Newsflash:: it doesn’t matter who leads the party now. The party is rotten from head to foot.

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But in doing so she has transformed Nigel Farage into an electoral lightening rod drawing from the entire political spectrum.

You cannot suppress the wishes of a British democratic majority. It is not physically possible to achieve such an objective with our existing political institutions.

It cannot be achieved.

Our institutions simply lack the power to do it and are destroying themselves as they strain to do the impossible.

All that will be left is Farage and the voters.

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Even if that did happen. As if that would be the end of it.

Farage would be elected on a manifesto to declare himself High Lord Emperor of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Hammond, Remainers et al. have lost the argument and the more they frustrate the implementation, the bigger the inevitable blowback will be.

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That’s simply not true.

Construction steel is commoditised but that’s not what we make.

British Steel is highly specialised, made to order and fully traceable. We are not talking about the ability to produce 100,000’s of 20ft girders or rail tracks here.

It is our ability to make highly specialised steel components such as bridge pins, submarine shafts, turbine hubs,

If you want to operate nuclear reactors, repair bridges in a timely manner or keep submarines operational then you need full access to highly specialised made to order steel components.

It is a strategic cornerstone.

Watch our at sea deterrent falter and our power station uptime dropping off. You should think of British steel as a critical service rather than a commodity.

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Yes I agree, this is the one important thing overlooked by Thatcher.

Let these industries go, but in these circumstances the government should have a strategy that kicks in to implement a series of schemes facilitating a regional transition of the local economy.

There is a need to retrain people, provide additional CAB services, revisit masterplanning and provide grants for the formation of new small businesses in the area.

e.g. Have a 24 month business rates amnesty in the local area funded by central government to restart the local economy.

There should be an organised publicly funded effort because the alternative (based on our experience) is that without any transition mechanisms large numbers of people just move over to the welfare state and many become chronically unemployed.

This is not the government running or operating the economy, it is the government seeding opportunity and seeding new businesses.

The failure to offer any organised transition of these local economies during the 1980’s is what created hard kernels of Labour support around the country.

The Conservatives should be “the party of the future”, it is an easy ideology to message in such circumstances.
An organised £150m strategy invested in jumpstarting a post steel local economy around Scunthorpe would be a huge opportunity for the locals.

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I agree.

Not having a single blast furnace in the whole country is a scary place to be from a strategic defence perspective.

Even the most laissez faire US politicians would advocate the US Military intervening financially if they were to loose access/control of their own steel.

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What are you even talking about? Read what I said.
Read it slowly.

At no point do I claim that the whole world is the Brexit Party. Or that Nigel Farage is bigger than Jesus.

My point is that Farage re-entering the EU Parliament and making a fire and brimstone speech will be carried in international news segments around the world. That is what I said. It will.

That is not the same as saying villagers in China will down tools and race to gather around the radio.

People who do not read or follow international news will not see it (including your taxi drivers and ex girlfriends). That is implicit in what I said.

You seem to have read my comment and completely misinterpreted it. How telling.

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I think you have mistaken what international news actually is and you have certainly confused who the audience is.

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The Brexit Party has more professional messaging and runs more professional events than any other British party.

They have done this by being very centralised and using a technology stack. Social media, digital content, micro ad targeting, crowd funding, encrypted messaging.

But the other parties are too rigid and too slow to react. I have been saying this for 6 months here, the old parties are obsolete.

There is no need for old party apparatus (doorsteps and leaflets) when a handful of people can run a slick national campaign with technology.

The monopoly on power is over. The spell is broken.