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Far be it for me to question the USA immigration policy, but for the life fo me I dont understand why you let these people into your country in the first place.

Is it because of obligations under the the UNHCR and refugees organisation.

If so why dont you do more homework to deterimes who are suitable for integration.

Surely its not that hard to weed out those with extreme Islamic and jihdadist tendencies.

Mind I am asking the same question of my own country Australia, where the problems are the same and the administrators and immigration officials are as just as stupid.

WTF is going on here when so many people who are not doing us any good, nor adding any real values are allowed in.

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This is unbelievbly disgusting behaviour by the Saudis.

is there ever going to be an end to this unacceptable behaviour

In the meantime these animals are actively financing the export of these mind sets into UK and Europe, and we stand by and let it happen.

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Is the quran really inimitble.?

Only brainless arabs could ever concoct such a delusion.

In any case were not some of the original records written in aramaic - a jewish language

No wonder where ever they go there is nothing but trouble.

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DP11 says in a post previously that the government the UK people has, is a reflection of them.
Lets hope that at the next election they get a govt that is worthy of them.

The hypocrisy and incompetence of the Labor Govt is just stunning.

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Yes, and it’s not only Nobel prizes

The same applies to patents, books published, books translated into Arabic anything of value to humankind, in the modern context, doesn’t come from  Arabs or Persians.

Historically it was different of course but only if it came before the Muslims came on the scene

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Any people of jewish extraction who want to leave the UK are most welcome in Australia were we admire their abilties, their industry as well as their arts. Any group of people that can produce 175 Nobel Prizes is a valuable and respected addition to any right thinking nation.

At least in Oz we stand up to the Islamists and their unspeakable evils and medieval mind sets.

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Is there no end to this hypocrisy by the Saudis/Muslims.

Desparate for there to be tolerance towards all religions, but behave in an highly intolerant way towards anyone not of their own evil belief system.

Sort of proves the point doesnt it.

Agree wth you poopyhead, the west should be insisting upon reciprocal rights, or not deal.

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The real reason cowardly muslim men require their women to wear the niqab is so that you cant see the black eyes and bruised cheeks from the bashings inflicted inflicted upon them by men

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Appointed by Blair just to gain a few votes with a crowd who believe that their prescious prophet was the ideal man when in fact he was a complete murderous thug and sexual deviant

All that this tosser is doing in behaving accordance to the standards laid out in the trilogy book of evil the Koran.

What blind and ignorant fools the Brits have become.

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If there is case for prosecuting Wilders,then why doent the same law also apply to the Koran itself, and all its followers.After all there is nothing more hateful, vengeful and violent that the Koran.

The stats from the above reference could be used as evidence.

Lest hope the Ducth dont wimp this one and give in to the musso mongrels.