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Thank you,

It reflects my life, and how I see my self at times.

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Hi Hun,
I understand how you feel, my has been depressed for a long time when i was younger she was like your mom, very controlling, hurtful verbally. My mother was very abusive verbally and physically. Many times in my life I thought I wanted to end it too but you have to think if you end your life you won't be hurting no one but yourself. You seem like a smart young lady and don't change that for no one not even your mom. Only you can make yourself give up, your mom can call you every name in the book but only you can decide how you react to it. Don't let it bring you down, trust me with all my heart things get better I have had a hard life, with alot of abuse and pain but I never that stop me from pushing me to be something better, yes I made mistakes on the way but in end I became some better I become a Woman and I learned no one has power over me but me. Keep your head held high okay...