Time To Go Theresa

Time To Go Theresa


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It needs to be 250,000 at least by the 2022 Election.

Last time proved that we simply don't have the foot soldiers on the ground.

You get the numbers up by incentivising the activists & treating them with a respect that was totally absent while Cameron & Gideon ruled the roost.

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Don't forget that our education agenda stalled in 2014 after Cameron bottled it, and replaced the excellent Gove with the truly hopeless Nicky "Overpromoted" Morgan.

In another bad decision, he also replaced Nick Gibb as the No.2 at Education with the useless Lib Dem David Laws.

It was only after Laws lost his seat and the Lib Dems were eviscerated that we brough Nick Gibb back.

He has been one of the under stated success stories of Ministerial office since 2010.

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Too many deadbeats, timeservers & glorified administrators in the Cabinet.

I believe the two to emerge in a leadership contest will be Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt, who both have the qualities to be a good PM

[Davis- too old and egotistical, Rudd too Cameroon and her seat will be lost, Johnson a joke]

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Zahawi needs to grow up quickly now, and remember he is a Minister of the Crown.

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Its not just her delivery, its the content. Every answer is ultra cautious & managerial. We are the Government. We are expected to do things and to lead.

Just listen to the answers she gave to John Hayes and Peter Aldous in particular...and then weep.

I supported the PM's candidature in 2016..but Enough is Enough.

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Another weak performance from Theresa May. Aside from the Corbyn exchanges, she fudged just about every answer.

On FOBT's- which are an absolute plague in every constituency in this country - why did she give such a platitudinous answer when it is COMMON KNOWLEDGE in Government circles that we are going to cap the bloody things at £2 a spin?


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The idea that Sajid Javid is somehow bursting with radical intent had me laughing.

Boles' Tweet should be seen in the context that he is a bored Osbornite, without a Govt job.

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Gyimah was a poor Prisons Minister at a time when jails are a national embarrassment.

A miracle why he was retained in the reshuffle, but given the botch she made of it, perhaps not...

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I am afraid the excuse "the candidate list was very long" and "the Association didn't have time" has been trotted out by CCHQ for far too long. Local councillors in particular work bloody hard for very little and it is galling when Mr or Mrs A Lister comes in over them, often at the last minute, just because CCHQ and our Leader wants to tick a box.

What took place last week - that affront of a reshuffle - was not only the PMs final mistake in the job - it was also an insult to thousands of hardworking activists, who will now wee their London living MPs for Richmond and Wealden and Fareham etc etc even less !

PS: This isn't an ethnicity issue - there were also at least 2 white male A-Listers who were promoted last week who have done very little...

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Oh, the irony.

In the same week that the PM claims to wish to motivate, inspire & grow our grassroots membership....she over promotes a bunch of "A listers" who have been parachuted into safe seats that they had no links to, and now into ministerial jobs.

When did the Party of Mrs Thatcher shift from being a true meritocracy, to one who's bogus quota filling puts even Labour to shame?

Nothing in the last 15 years has done more to demotivate our hard working activists in places like Richmond (Yorks), Mr Sunak, Wealden Ms Ghani, and Fareham Ms Fernandes, than the Chosen Few being parachuted in, in the name of "diversity".

Last week's reshuffle, and the over promotion of some real mediocrity, was shameful. Any attempt to incentivise the grassroots of the Party should be seen in that context.