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AMEN, paragod! i'm tired of ANY news from the hawkeyes!

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actually, i think they are a good idea to have. if the professors are not doing their job, then we have a right, as students, to let the boards know. why should a professor who doesn't do anything get paid the same as a good professor? the students are the ones paying their but ts off for college...with that in mind, they deserve a say to who teaches them next semester! needless to say, some students lie, but when there is a majority of students saying one thing or another about a certain professor, it's easy to sort out what are lies and what are not.

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we're still proud of you, UNI!

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and yet when other college teams were in the playoffs this year we heard NOTHING about them...come on, hawks, you are NOT the only team in the state! back off during a lousy season and let some of the other teams in iowa have a chance to shine!

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dear have made my day...finally another iowan out there who isn't all about the hawks

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i hear ya...liberal kcrg will fre ak when they see there are possibly republicans on their boards...geesh, and i thought news stations are supposed to be "in the middle" and not support clearly one side or another...of course, i'm sure we will see more branstad bashing stories from kcrg just because he is a republican...

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oh, and to openrangeman, i thank you for your support...

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who cares about UNI? hmm...obviously 4 people at least...not to mention, your comment was a bit uncalled's not UNI's fault hawks can't seem to win this season! you don't see me being reduced to name calling of Uof I, do you? trust me, i can sprout out tons of acronyms for Uof I, but i am's called RESPECT! i may not like hawks, but i am not going to demean them publicly!

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uni won their game, yet no stories about that on the front page...only that hawks LOST...who cares when a team loses? why not celebrate the WINS of other state schools!?? heaven forbid UNI or iowa state gets on the front page for losing a game, much less winning a game! come on, kcrg, report on some other state schools for ONCE!