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Maybe you could chair it!

My favourite guest host was Brian Blessed - add him to our list of celebrity favourites. He'd make a great BNP councillor...

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Can't type... am giggling too much!

The Reds will actually BE red now - I think their heads might explode...

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A FRONT PAGE apology too, not a page 15 effort.

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It's ironic that angry Muslims vote Labour. If they voted BNP at least they'd be voting for a party that doesn't condone bombing the Middle East flat.

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Every day just lately, Strider, self appointed (and unpaid) Lord of England, rises from his bed and does a little dance.

Strider couldn't be happier - the sooner this rotten system falls appart the better.

It's up to the BNP now - every member and supporter must decide what they want and work for it.

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Poles also know the hell that communism brings.

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Sentamu's 'power and position'?

I recognise neither!

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Great stuff James.

The rural areas, although sparsely populated, do contain a certain type of people who will be ever more essential to us as time passes; namely - farmers.

More people need to understand that nationalism and farming go hand-in-hand.

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Knowing James, the policeman probably relented and joined the party as a member!

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When election results do not reflect the true will of the people, there is trouble ahead...

Huge amounts of people do not bother to vote, and I believe many election results are a false indication of the feelings of the British majority.

Voting should be made law.