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That good it made me feel ashamed I wasn't more invested in the rest of this season (oh well, that's what rewatching it for!).

This show gives me hope. That might sound cheesy, but that's the thing, the show is so unabashedly and fearlessly positive and hopeful that it's contagious. That amazing positivity and hope comes off as completely genuine, because it really is. No matter where it goes from here or what criticisms we might have for each episode, this show really is a wonderful thing; a beacon of light. I hope we can all let that light shine through the hiatus, and remember the things this show has made us feel. I was thinking that it might be nice to live in a world that was so affected by friendship, but...we already do, don't we? Small acts of friendship and kindness can affect the world in ways bigger than we might ever imagine. Love fearlessly, everyone.

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Lauren has fantastic ideas and very strong visions. Unfortunately, it looks like studios just can't handle how strong her visions are. I can only wish her luck and hope that she finds an employer who appreciates her genius and gives her the space she needs to create amazing things.

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This episode was such a great example that, just because Twilight is a princess now, that doesn't mean she doesn't still have a lot to learn. Her character arc hasn't fallen flat by ANY means - on the contrary, I think the characters in this show just keep getting more and more interesting, and that organic progression of story through major events which would probably be endings to many other series is something I absolutely love about this one.

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Darn it now I'm crying AND laughing.

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The most incredible episode for the 5th anniversary of the show. AKR, all I can do is applaud you because I'm a little speechless.

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The Rarijack in this episode was off the charts, and I don't even ship it although I might now. They were practically an old married couple.

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That interact...directly the least? I can't even remember the last time Dash and Rarity had this kind of focused and direct interaction. Every other duo with the Mane 6 I can think of has had more interaction, if my memory is correct.

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Some great interaction from the two main characters who interact the least, hilarious expressions, Rarity being a mystery book nerd, Rainbow Dash being...Rainbow Dash, and noir style? NICE.

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Wow, so much coming to light that I've wondered about since the beginning! I'm so happy to see Lauren at an MLP panel again...the crowd cheering for her and reassuring her that she is dearly missed is the kind of thing that reminds me why I got into this fandom in the first place, which is something I needed.

Hasbro is definitely a lot more controlling than a lot of the crew sometimes makes them out to be. Which is not exactly surprising, IMO, but definitely frustrating, most of all for people who had to deal with it, like Lauren. Whatever your opinion on something like Equestria Girls, I think that Hasbro's continual meddling and pushing of ideas they think are going to be profitable - but which the crew isn't 110% behind at the beginning - is a creativity and motivation killer. It definitely seems to have been for Lauren or at the very least really didn't help. Most networks have that problem to some extent; executives trying to control creative people is almost never a good thing, so I hope Hasbro learns from their certainly doesn't seem like they have, seems like they've gotten worse, but who knows what the future brings. At some point, they have to if they want to maintain a thriving show.

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Naw, that's more of Pinkie and/or AJ's territory.