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How tunes change. All those people who on this forum lambasted Robert Fisk owe him a huge apology. It is for him and a few others who give us an insight for what the MSM denies us to hear. These reporters of yesteryear, all ageing and when gone, will be replaced by lesser man presenting the clans whose main aim is to lead us into their world of lies and deception.

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The total integration of this anglo-american monster is there to witness.
It has been in the making for the earnest observer for a long time.
Trump and his brothers all have the bloodline of the Nero's and Calligula's.
Yes, history repeats itself!

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The book called "Hitlers willing helpers" by Daniel Goldhagen is totally applicable to the jews living in the

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And not the first one nor the last.
These honourable members are the most dishonourable
pack of garbage.
When will we wake up?

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Also known as the" Eurasian Embrace" first of muted by
Sir Halford Mackinder 1861-1947.
Published around 1904 it set alarm bells going in Britain at the possibility of braking Rule Britannica.

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Grease will always come to the top. Detergent is the answer.

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Russia had forces ready but Germany beat them to it by about four weeks. How do you explain the million or so Russian POW? It will take another 20 years when the facts will come out. After a hundred years it is now common knowledge that WW1 was not caused by these beastly Huns who for fun threw babies in the ai to catch them on bajonets. During that war millions died. It was France and England who declared war on Germany in both WW.
The encircling of Russia and the vile propaganda is a repetition of what went on before.
This rubbish should not even get to first base!

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The reason why people are blasé about war is that todays generation is seventy odd years away from the murderous WW2.
These people have not experienced war in their homeland.
They haven't a clue. Years of Hollywood hero worship makes them believe in their omnipotence.
I simply cannot understand the Europeans to string along with the murderous hegemony of the US.

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Helmut. Schmidt! German chancellor. I thought highly of Helmut. He was a son of the city I was born and lived in. Hummel Hummel, Mors Mors. When he died who turned up? Heinrich Kissinger!
Henry and Helmut were the best of friends. It took my breath away.

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The new age romanticism.