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All this undermines the value of NATO. Not that it ever was a force to be reckoned with.
The original paper tiger who simply will not be there when the s... hits the fan.
European states are Washingtons vassals but fighting for the US is different matter.

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I was so surprised on hearing that this fine President was not as kosher as I had envisaged him to be. I am devastated beyond description.

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None of us knows anything except what we are spoon-fed regarding Madam Meng.
Knowing the commercial wars the US inflicts on the world how can one possibly trust
our present day hegemon / bully and the foam dribbling out of his mouth.

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Perfidious Albion. It goes with their former empire. De Gaule had it right during his time. He would not have England into what was then the Common Market!
The English would sell you a live insurance while next door they work on your coffin.

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Assange is an Australian. I have yet to hear a response from our politicians in any defence of Assange. The same happened to Hicks. Disgusting!

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Nothing new at all. America always acted under the motto "F.... You Jack I'm OK".

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correction should read: ........when it comes to NOT protect its citizen............

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Sorry, you live in a dream world. Australia has a proven track record when it comes to protect its citizen which fall foul of American interest.

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Well, Well, Well. The omnipotent US hell hole has something to worry about. Its inevitable comeuppance can only be welcomed. Perish the thought that a conflict will ever happen.

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The embrace will be tested when we lose our main marked We may embrace the US for the US will never embrace us. Unless they see a geopolitical advantage for themselves. God bless America and to hell with the rest of us.