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Quiet so. An eerily reminder of the time prior to WW2.
"Zion declares war on Germany" in 1933 started the ball rolling. And it rolls on almost a century later.
It is a thing of wonder how Russia (so far) has stayed cool. We should be thankful for that.

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The convulsion of a has been leader of a has been Empire.
Thatcher Mark 2.

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For the last two weeks or so commenting on ICH was cut off.
I my opinion this is a frightening and dangerous development.
I have missed comments and some the old faces have gone.
Deeply concerned!

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What a great cartoon.

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You see them there, you see them here, you see them everywhere, those damned conniving Zionists. Masters of deceptions.
In the words of Benjamin Netanyahu " It does not matter if justice is on your side.
You have to depict your position as just". Halleluja!

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Labor or Liberal does not make any difference.
In the rare case of an honest politician he soon
will be swept away by the "system".
Politicians are nothing but gatekeepers for the elite
to keep the masses under control. No if's or but's.

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"Wading"just about sums it up.
I printed it out and with dictionary at hand to translate the article into clear english.
What is it with these Philosophers using such esoteric language? The only Philosopher, in my opinion, who wrote to be reasonable understood was Arthur Schopenhauer.
If this article was written for the masses it's a total failure. Despite the fact that some of the things he is trying to say are not bad at all.
Seeing that he lives in Germany : Bitte fassen Sie sich kurz!

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The mills are working ever so slow. But they are working and grinding away.
The Eurasian embrace is as certain as the sun rises every day.

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Thank you for giving the link.
Took the trouble too look at this documentary for the full 3,5 hrs.
Nothing but the ice cold facts, factual, unbiased and shocking.

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Trump is behind Israel. And his second in command even more.
Watch Pence's grovelling speech at AIPAC to make you choke!