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14 years later, He's still 10.

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You may read this next part in an old man's voice, unless the old person voice in your head is female, in that case tell her to go back to the kitchen.

In my days sonny, this here Scott fella used to make this VEEGEE cats comic eeeeevery monday. Now kids with their hippin and hoppin and their cellular telephones cannawt even rememer that thars still four mondays in a mooonth.
In my days if I were looking at this here VEEGEE cats comic I could caaatch up with what that Scott fella had made because of his aaarchiiieve was uuup to daate.

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Actually my dear sir we are nearing the two month anniversary of not having a comic come from that place.

And darn you for making me go back and check!

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That sudden realisation that you used to read VGCats...remembering that it was sometimes updated...then decide to check and find out it has not since last time you checked...

Darn you Comire for putting up futile hopes, opening sealed wounds...but most damingly of all...reminding me how sad I am for expecting VGCats to actually update...

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The rare instance that GMod trumps SFM.

Turns out chaos is better on GMod...which...if you ever have gone on a srs bsns roleplay server should have come natural.

*Shudder* Oh all those little babies...

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I said 'are not a game' not 'are not IN a game'

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Kinda exactly where I was going with that second reality ofcource noah and god are not a game...

...or are they?

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One has to wonder how Noah got two of every legendary...

...Oh my god... Noah was not allone: He had help from someone with a second reality!

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You call that a complaint my dear 'Furiant'?

Ever since the dawn of man we have been complaining about the lack of forums, through 'hilarious' puns, meme pictures, death threaths and various other means of making one certain Shawn Handyside get off his goldplated pants covering behind to give us our forums.

Now please spend the equivalent of ONE of your earthly weeks upon this website and learn from what we, gods amongst complainers, moaners and inpatient asshats alike can call a PROPER complaint.

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There is a disturbing lack of puns involving how you are witholding forums from us...