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Well said.

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Dan, I'm with you on free trade as an objective. Even though Trump was brash and combative, he did have a point about US-China trade. There was asymmetric tariffs on US goods and pillaging of Intellectual Property. Plus, he does have a point about low incomes for the working classes. Wages have fallen from over 50% of GDP in the 1950's to ~42% now.

Some elements of globalisation are good. But others such as unelected cabals taking big decisions because they think it will be good for us are not. I'm thinking of the UN on climate, the ridiculous UN HRC and so on.

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Ranil Jayawardena?

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A vote to leave the EU, is a vote to leave the EU, nothing more and nothing less.

I support #Brexit, and would also support leaving in a phased way, by moving to an EFTA/EEA arrangement as a transitional step to a more comprehensive bespoke deal. We would be out of the EU, but remain in the SIngle MArket and retain passporting rights for financial services companies. We would also have a unilateral emergency brake on immigration, through Articles 112-3 of the EEA Agreement*.

The beauty of this solution is that it effectively spikes the guns of the Remain scaremongering.

*See link:

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The whole 're-negotiation' process illustrates perfectly the problem with the EU. MOnths of "sherpa" discussions and shuttle diplomacy from Cameron, followed by two solid days of 28 heads of Government meeting and negotiating to produce virtually nothing. EU leaders fiddling while the EU economy withers away.

We are better than this. Most of the EU countries are better than this. BUt we should not be shackled to this economic corpse

We need to leave the EU, reassert sovereignty and get on with free trade with the EU and Eurozone, and be free to enter enter into free-trade deals with the parts of the world that are growing.

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In my view it's not outside interests per se that people object to.

For instance I have no problem with say a barrister continuing to practise or a business man (or woman) continuing to run the family firm. Who cares how much they get paid for that.

The problem arises when they are seen to be using and abusing their position and power to take money to influence Government and policy making.

It is this type of lobbying and grubby influence peddling that should be outlawed.

And whilst we are about it, those who have financial interests in Parliamentary topics should not be allowed to vote on those items and be forbidden from sitting on those Parliamentarycommittees.

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Quite right.

They understand very little of science and don't know how to respond or challenge.

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Even if the warmists are right - and there's precious little evidence the models on which the alarmism is based are anywhere near right, he is right to challenge the collective response which is frankly useless but very expensive.

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You are quite right. There is a false consensus on whether we are warming, and on whether that is mostly man made or not and on whether that is going to be catastrophic. But even if the warmists are right, then our energy and climate policies are completely bonkers.

We have hamstrung our economy and are destroying lives and jobs by pursuing daft policies that push up our energy prices.

And our, indeed, Europe's contribution to reduced CO2 emissions is negligible compared to non-OECD CO2 emissions growth.

Better to spend small amounts adapting, rather than large amounts trying to pretend we ar esome sort of modern day Canute.

See detailed emissions numbers here:

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A number of points:

1. There is precious little to choose between the main parties. So the elite has contrived to keep itself in power.

2. Too many spads with no real world experience and no affinity to the areas they stand for.

3. Too much power ceded to EU meaning we can't vote to change whatever they come up with.

4. Too many arms length relationships with quangos and not enough accountability to ministers and Parliament

5. Too much pandering to vacuous party lines and evasive answers to questions rather than properly addressing issues.

6. Supine media with precious little proper forensic questioning.

This is what makes the elite corrupt and remot.