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"Cameron and Hague should press for justice in North Korea."

Totally agree. They would have done something useful rather than their usual destruction.

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Stop the abortions and sex change ops. Stop paying GPs exorbitant salaries. Stop promoting sex to children in schools. Stop the DoH issuing fascist decrees which give GPs unnecessary headaches and hurt patients. Allow people to opt out of the National Hell Service by paying less National Insurance.

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The Webbs and Shaw (Fabians) are obviously celebrated by the main parties, seeing as the LibLabCons have been following their gradual social engineering tactics for decades.

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Seems to me the Daily Mail is a government paper specifically to divide and conquer. It exists to get "Outraged of Hemel Hempstead" worked up about scroungers, immigrants, et al, to deflect attention from the government.

And they pretend to be of high moral standards, when every page down the lower left hand side is full of lewd pictures.

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The benefits system is a joke now - the welfare state was undertaken on the understanding that it could only be afforded when the country has full employment and maximum industrial output. The fact that everyone seems to be ignoring (the proverbial elephant in the room) is that there aren't nearly enough real jobs left for the British would-be worker, due to EU regulations crippling our industry, taxes and even more regulations based on fraudulent environmental issues, mass immigration where people will come here and work for less than the UK worker needs just to pay his mortgage, half of school leavers sent to further education and often running up huge debts while learning subjects that will be of no use to the future prosperity of themselves or the country, etc.

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Resorting to calling someone names means you have just LOST the debate. How do you feel? You have no answers to the truth. It confounds the ignorant, especially the willfully ignorant.


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The only reliable poll is probably Scotland's official consultation last year, where nearly 2/3rds didn't want "gay marriage".

And you have the two online petitions. I believe that the one for preserving real marriage got many times more support than the "gay marriage" one.

The owner of YouGov is married to Baroness Ashton and it is important to the EU to destroy the nations with political correctness so they can weaken them and take over completely.

I am certainly not ashamed to defend marriage and expose this disgraceful and damaging PC agenda.

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I'll tell you what's offensive "mate": having a "Conservative" government that isn't the slightest bit conservative.

I find paedophilia offensive, like all normal folk.

Yes, that is what I meant and it is what will happen and the brainwashed sheep like yourself will say how wonderful it is when it's dressed up as yet another "equality" issue.