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The Problem with 10000 BC was, that it just didnt had enough effects to fill the time...people started noticing the people and bad plot again..because they were'nt blinded by the effects long enough. I assume that wont happen I'll watch it :D

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nope doesnt bother me at all...looking forward to the movie...expecting to be blown away...and thats all i want :D

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i dunno...but the clothes, the hats and the dude...they just look so typical evil russian characters to me^^ ... I mean ...they walk on snow!

Edit: ah ok i see where its going...they at the water guys living place .. just saw em in we'll see that in beginnning of the movie

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well i assume the movie will be cheesy as the taglines can assume...but cheesy in an entertaining way :)

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i never get why everybody has such a desperate need for asian actors in it...cause i dont think the charakters look asian at all..they look typical american/european teen with some latine touch...just like dragonball or street figther (despite that the movies are crap)... evrybody wants asian actors...I dont see one bit asian in their looks...dunno...i dont mind if its some dude who at least looks like...thats more important to me...then they just say in movie like in comic/cartoon, they are in/from there and there and fine for me

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he just makes sure that even if its no scene with megan fox there is always a chick around :) ... well i like that^^

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thx for the info :)

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Looking forward to all 3... Transformers for sure...biggest cinema possible with an extra pair of underwear...District 9 looks very interesting...bu wanna see a bit more footage...and the gamer probably will be just some entertaining action movie ...nothin special but worth a trip to cinema

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hmm dunno....I assume they went a bit to far with the jokes...tried to be to funny...I dont think they can go back to the magic...but im sure Ill watch if with my nephew anyway...or my next gf if shes so freaked out about Disney movies as my last one :D

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well if they stay true with the game and find a nice way to introduce the "shortwaybackintime" effects then we will get an interesting movie with some new aspects..if they wont add it...then i assume by now (dont wanna make an actual judgement now... I mean we didnt really heard or saw anything...however I will see it anyway in cinema) that it will be just another sword-action movie...a good one probably but still nothin special