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Also, top item at Drudge

Sorry Barry, your race card was revoked. Deal with the heat, and implosion of your tyranny.

Donald Trump ... is exploiting the resentment and anxieties of working-class men to boost his campaign. Mr. Obama also argued that some of the scorn directed at him personally stems from the fact that he is the first African-American to hold the White House.

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Wanted to share with the group.

Trump dropped a small hit on 0bama.
Starts at 29 minute, runs for about 20-30 seconds.

....0bama never did anything...other than buy a house.... which is a very questionable transaction,'s true!

Odds are that MSM will NOT challenge Trump on this point.
0bama cannot own a house, as 0bama cannot reveal his legal name and identity.
Odds are that Trump will continue to sprinkle and weave 0bama truths throughout his speeches and town halls.
Praying that Americans listen and wake up!

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Trump knows how crooked the media is. He called them out all night.

Trump has been pleading with the Media, at previous events, to pan the crowd and show the thousands of people at the Trump rally.
I note the cameras did pan to locate and show the lone protestors.
LOL,, my favorite part of this rally was when Trump stated something like - folks, I have to be honest with you, I actually PAID that guy to shout and create a distraction. It's the ONLY WAY to get the media to pan the crowd and show the thousands of people in this packed house!!!

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I asked him point blank why he ignores the greatest story never told, our fake P.O.T.U.S. being an identity thief. He had no answer. When I pressed him on Sheriff Joe and the police forensic investigation he said that story didn't get much coverage. Again , why not? Shoulder shrug.

Bryon York and the rest state they do not understand why folks do not support Bush, and all other professional politicians. York is either out of touch, or accepted bribes and in deep denial

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Well, I have reached some different conclusions.
1) Zullo claims Donald Trump's name, and I presume private data, is found many many times in the hard drives. Now, considering that Reuters, Associated Press, the rest of the corrupted and criminal media, Democrats, GOPe, Karl Rove, other Presidential candidates, all have tried, and continue to try, to bring down Trump with 20 year old information or complete lies and smears>yet none dial up a cash starved Montgomery to get access to his drives and get "dirt" on Trump???? Really!!!!
2) Binney claims there is no originality (???) in the data. What does that mean from an evidence point of view? Is the packet data, on its own, useless until the packets or re-connected be Montgomery's encryption key. Does the encryption key render the data useless as evidence in a case??? I read, years ago, that local Law Enforcement and FBI got this type of NSA metadata that proved someone broke the law. The actual NSA data could not be used to convict, so Law Enforce gathered other "clean evidence" to convict the criminal. Is that what Montgomery has???
3) Zullo claimed Montgomery's extended claims could not be validated. Zullo NEVER CLAIMED the hundreds of thousands of identities in Montgomery's possession were junk. I got the impression the thousands of identities are legit!. LOL, LOL, if Barry Sortoro's multiple fake, and one real, identity, are in Montgomery's hard drives. LOL, LOL if the hard drives prove Barry is not an American Citizen!!
4) The total MSM blackout is expected, but truly stunning turn of events on its own.

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Lot's of people are working on this file.
The Government, and big media, work to suppress the facts and support the imposter.

-Corsi's book is launching, Trump giving leaning on Barry to release his BC, and golly!, we "find" and kill Osama bin hidin
-Zullo's confidential law enforcement investigation tapes are forced to be revealed in a Federal courtroom. Then shazam!, the terrorists blow up Paris. The tragic terrorists attack, like the Bin Hidin raid, stomps on and obliterates all other news stories

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....Obama says in defense of the Muslim Syria refugees entering into the United States, that there is NO religious test for refugees and downs Christians.....

No religious test, WTF???
You can count the number of Christian refugees on one hand. Thousands of mooselimb refugees.
Not statistically possible, without a religious test blocking Christians

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I understood something different!
During the Zullo deposition, someones phone started ringing. A "joke" MAY have been made the call came from the CIA.

Blixseth stated, with Montgomery's original lawyer present, that Blixseth's Divorce lawyers deposed Montgomery many times. Montgomery may have beeen present in a court room, but did not testisy.
On each and every Montgomery deposition, or Montgomery appearance, a DOJ Civil Division lawyer and CIA people would supervise and observe the entire proceedings.
Blixseth stated that DOJ+CIA involvement, in a divorce case was VERY STRANGE AND UNUSUAL.

The Blixseth statement, if validated, adds creditbility to Montgomery's work

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Their Iman's prolly riled them up during Friday prayers.
That, and they constantly bang their heads on the floor as they submit to their moon diety

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LOL, poor Al Gore, he can never catch a break. Normally, extreme cold weather greets every Climate confab

..."Out of solidarity with the French people and the City of Paris, we have decided to suspend our broadcast of 24 Hours of Reality and Live Earth,"...