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You know, at least part of the problem was bound to happen when his parents decided to name their kid "Troubleshoes."

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Not new. Been watching this whole thing unfold. It's mutually pointless, stupid, go-nowhere bickering that accomplishes nothing for anyone, and it disgusts me that people continue to have this same stupid argument over and over again in the name of a show that advocates for friendship.

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*Watches Episode* HA! Take that, SJW's!
*Takes Shower* HA! Take that, SJW's!
*Hides under blanket* HA! Now the SJWs that hide under my bed can't get to me. I bet they're so angry!

Stop doing this. I am SO sick of this pointless bronies vs. SJWs bullshit.

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He's our king? I don't remember voting for him! I DEMAND A RECOUNT!


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Third- Wave Feminism IS basically the same thing as egalitarianism, only with an added emphasis on destroying the pervasive idea that "white/straight/male" is a sort of default and that everything else is a variation. The worry with switching to calling it "egalitarianism" is that men will control the discussing, as has happened historically.

Too many people take this too far, however, and turn it into outright hate speech.

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Oh, I'm not denying that there was a lot of negativity around that time. I'm just reiterating that some have criticisms (not necessarily objective ones, mind, but criticisms nonetheless) that don't have much to do with the princess/ general season 3 controversy. I just think that implying that people who didn't like it are "imagining things" is overly dismissive.

For the record, I think season 3 has an undeserved bad rep. It's still probably my least favourite season, but only because it has slightly proportionally less episodes I liked enough to re-watch. Overall, it's still pretty dang good.

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After all this time, MMC is still my least favourite episode in the entire series. The whole thing feels incredibly rushed, I never bought into the episode's conflict, and I think the justification for Twilight's transformation is flimsy at best.

But hey, rock on. I personally can't stand it, but clearly there's something a lot of people like in it. Keep having fun with it, peeps.

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I disagree on the original "ooh pretty princess" point, that didn't bug me nearly as much as the episode pacing. Just because you didn't have a problem with, though, doesn't mean that other's can't feel that way without the criticism just being a result of general negativity.

And, while I think I'm in the minority on this one, I DO think Prinkie Pride also is pretty poorly paced and has too many songs in it for it's runtime.

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I've got one for "Other" (posting now because I'll forget by the time the poll's done):

Lyra Heartstrings - Overturning Citizens United. Because even she has more right to call herself a person than a corporation does.

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Man, if someone combined Pinkie, Twilight, Flutters, AJ, and Rarity's political agendas, not even Texas' best efforts could keep me from voting for them!