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Most people are not on Twitter. It is a small minority of noisy voices on Twitter that seem to dictate political discussion, but in reality very few people care about what people on Twitter think. Darren is obsessed with becoming a Twitter celebrity, because he has very few skills in the real world to fall back on, so yes I'm sure this all feels very important to him what faceless online trolls think, or if they're trying to "cancel" him.

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Sorry, but I disagree. For the last 3 and a half years, Remainers have launched a torrent of abuse at Leavers. For 3 and a half years Leavers have been accused of being think, racist, uninformed bigots who "didn't know what they were voting for". Enough is enough. I think after all of that we're entitled ONE day to celebrate and possibly gloat a little. I feel very little need to be magnanimous to Remainers after the years of vitriol we've had to put up with.

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I agree with a lot of what you say, and I believe Hunt would be the better Prime Minister, HOWEVER, if we do not deliver Brexit then our party is finished. We are already haemorrhaging votes to the Brexit Party and if there was a GE our vote would split and Corbyn would get into number 10 - this CANNOT happen. The can has been kicked down the road twice, and Jeremy is already talking about extending things further. He is following the positions of Theresa to a tee. At some point you have to say - no more.

We MUST leave by October 31st. Boris has committed to do this, Jeremy will not, therefore the choice is clear, it has to be Boris. I am extremely concerned about Boris as PM - I would far rather have had Javid or Gove in the final two so I could vote for them, but his team knew what they were doing when they made sure it would be Boris vs Hunt in the final two. Even if I could look past the whole Brexit issue (which I can't, you'll never find a Brexit that appeals to the 48%, it was a Binary choice and they don't want to leave), Jeremy's positions on social freedoms such as Abortion and the Porn block bother me. So it HAS to be Boris...... it WILL be Boris.

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Coming from someone who has done more than almost any other Conservative MP to try and thwart the democratic decision made by 17.4 million people. She does not speak for me, nor for most other Conservatives. She is now trying to thwart the overwhelming favourite of the party membership from becoming Leader, because as usual she thinks "she knows best". The real cancer in the party is self-serving attitudes such as hers, who doesn't give a damn about the party or the membership, but only seeks to further her own agenda. The sooner the constituents of Loughborough wake up and get shot of her, the better.

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Except Norway Plus allows full free movement of people, we still end up paying vast sums to the EU and we can not make our own trade details with other nations

....... so pretty much negating the entire point of Brexit

More utter twaddle from Remainer-In-Chief Morgan

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Or maybe, just maybe, Nicky you should stop trying to fight with your colleagues, stop patronisingly referring to them as toddlers and stand behind your Prime Minister. She is trying to deliver the best Brexit she can and is only being frustrated by your words and actions.