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Glad to hear someone still believes in Yeshua(Jesus) and the Holy Bible.Many respond ,but are not believers .Nor do they have any clue of what is in God's word.History is unfolding in our time.If you are interested in the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith read"Our father Abraham"Not only is the Land Jewish but both the New and Old Testaments are Gods covenant to the Jewish people.Read  Jer. 31:31  This shocks most Gentiloe Christians.Then read Matt.10:5 ,,,gentiles were not allowed to be Christians until Acts chapter 10. !!!!! ************  Christianity is Jewish **************  Gentiles are Grafted in  Romans chapters 9,10,.11,12  Eph.chapter2  Have a great day and thanks for the kind response.Steve    

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It is what you now call noinsense,that you will be judged by in the last day.Remember it is Iran that said we will  blow you off the map.Lets go back to the Bible again.It is ISRAEL Jewish Land.Forever.The surrounding countries seem not to like that,,to bad God has the last say.     Final God Wins ! 

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First it's Gods ball game ,not ours.Why did He send His Son yeshua(Jesus) To die for you and me? Again ,we will have to stand in front of Him one day and account for what we did and what we have said.I see you called God a " B " Well Yeshua said from the cross " Forgive them for they know not what they do" I would put some serious thought into what you just said about God.I know now ,by what you said, that you do not believe the Bible. This is why you can make the comments about Israel .You sir have no clue what is and is going to happen.Jerusalem is the apple of Gods eye.,,God said so in the HolyBible.As I stated befor ALL Nations will come against Israel ,and then God will step in and defend Israel by killing All but 1/6th. You will bow now or you will bow later but one thing is for certain All Will Bow to Yeshua ,Son of God ,Messiah and King of ISRAEL !

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To discuss we must be on common ground.If you believe the Holy Bible then we can talk if you don't then your are on your own and a law to yourself.I am a Messianic believing Jew.I believe that Yeshua(Jesus) Is the Messiah(Christ) of Israel and saviour of the world.True most of my Jewish brothers and sisters have rejected Yeshua as their Messiah ,however God does go back on His promise or covenant with the Jewish people the land is and forever will be their land ,whether they believe in His Son Yeshua or not.But make no mistake one day they all will believe when He returns.( John 1:49 ) Blessings !

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About the comment meter,I dont really care if I score high or not ,Yeshua wasn't very popular either when He preached what the crowd did not want to hear.Some 15,000 people left Him.He turned to the Twelve JEWISH FOLLOWERS and asked will you also leave Me ? Remember the Church was started by Jews read Acts chapter 2 . Gentiles did not come into the Church until years later at Acts Chapter 10
*************************** Christianity Is JEWISH ************ Gentiles are grafted into Israel EPH.2,10,11,12 JOHN 1:49 JOHN 1:49 JOHN 1:49 !

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It's a shame most of the world is against Israel,but no supprise,Satan was the first and with his angels from HELL hate Israel.Always have and always will.Why? Because the Messiah ,the Saviour of the World would be a Jewish Rabbi from Israel.Hope this comment does sparks your understanding.After all if you are a Christian ,you are praying to a Jew,calling a Jewish Bible and the after life is promissed a Jewish city to live.The New Jerusalem.And if you are a non believer ,doesent really matter.God said every knee will bow ,,to a JEW,,,,,,,,,God's Son Rabbi Yeshua. John 1:49 John 1:49 John 1:49 !

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The Land is and always will be Israel.The Name God gave to Jacob.Please read what is going to happen in the near future.ALL NATIONS WILL COME AGAINST ISRAEL,yes the includes the United States.GOD WILL step in and DEFEND ISRAEL KILLING all but 1/6 PROVING beyond ALL DOUBT that God Loves HIS PEOPLE ISRAEL as well as anyone in the Nations of the Gentiles who will believe in His SON as the MESSIAH of ISRAEL .Rabbi Yeshua(Jesus) SON of GOD KING of ISRAEL ( John 1:49) Maybe what would help you is to learn the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. Both Old and New Testaments**** Jewish*** Jer. 31:31

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Sounds like you are like many people I talk to.You have no clue about Israel nor the Holy Bible.Many Pastors ,as well, have no clue.Allow me to help you.The word Palestine is not a legal word for God's Land.When the Romans defeated God's people Hadrian took the name Judea away from the maps and anywhere in the land.And for a slap in the face named the land Palistine from the enemies of the Israilites the Philestines. God gave the LAND TO THE JEWISH PEOPLE FOREVER read your BIBLE ! You said the word occupied .But you have it backwards the Arabs and any non-Jews are the guests! The Jews have a Land contract forever given by GOD. Remember when Moses died and GOD told Joshua to gointo the HolyLand that I am giving you ??? There were people living there.God said to Joshua go and KILL THEM ALL,,every Man ,Woman,Boy, Giry ,Baby,Every Dog, cat, and Camel,Kill them all ,leave nothing breathing,,,Pastors don't like to read this.WHY ? They were Pagan into Witchcraft,human sacrifice etc