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Well said Dan, totally agree Brexit will be a success with the careful guidance of Theresa May and her Brexit Team. An excellent article with unvarnished truth. What is still amazing there are still 'remoaners' out there that think Brexit can be reversed. It is going ahead, so they had better grow up, get over it, accept the democratic referendum vote and come into the real world.

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Ester is an excellent MP and is doing a thoroughly professional job. Despite the utter tripe coming from the delusional Corbyn's Labour/Momentum Party, she still manages to clearly explain positive constructive policies. She is an perfect example of how everyone is going to have to stand-up and fight these misguided hard Lefties with their lies and crackpot financial proposals. Well done Ester, keep up the good work, you have many supporters out there.

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•Dominic delusional Grieve who promoted this damaging amendment cannot be relied upon to respect our Brexit. Opinionated Grieve is president of the Franco-British Society; was awarded the Legion of Honor in 2016…why? He also broadcasts in French on French radio and television. No wonder he is so pro EU. Now this sanctimonious and misguided MP, deliberately gives the wrong interpretation of some laws so as to block, hinder and eventually stop them being transposed. He and those other traitors, despite what they say, want to stop Brexit and cannot be trusted. I sincerely hope they are all deselected next time round. They have let down hard working Conservative grass root supporters. How dare they defy the will of 17.5 million voters who want Brexit.

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I disagree with Goodman's arguments. The BBC must be sold off and allowed to develop a subscription business model. The licence fee should be dropped and changed to perhaps a subscription service run from the private sector. The privileged position of the BBC at the moment with its licence fee guarantees the corporation close to £4 billion of income. These outlandish and over paid staffers at the BBC are certainly not worth these extortionate salaries. This enforced licence fee gives it a massive advantage over those media outlets that exist on a commercial basis while remaining a regressive and outdated tax. This creates problems and the Liberal Leftists running the schedules ensure that their brand of politics always meddles in TV schedules. This is totally unacceptable.
Also the European Commission confirmed that the BBC received €7.7 million Euros from the EU for its participation in 18 projects under a scheme called the EU Research Framework Program. The BBC Receives £71,000 Of Secret EU Cash Each Month and nearly every presenter is paid more than the Prime Minister. That is definitely not right.
If consumers consider the BBC to provide good value for money (a claim that licence fee defenders tend to make) there is no reason to assume people wouldn’t subscribe and support its work. But with broadcasting standards at an all-time low, third rate staff and the schedules packed out with repeats, the licence fee is extortionate. It is hugely important that this licence fee becomes a choice not a demand. This would let consumers purchase the services they want rather than subjecting them to a regressive tax. Why should poor people be made to pay a regressive tax to the BBC to fund extortion and Hollywood life styles and could end in prison if they refuse? It is absolutely outrageous. Selling off the BBC would free the BBC of criticism of political bias and eradicate many of the unfair advantages that the BBC has over other media outlets. Rescind their Royal Charter and scrap the BBC TV licence fee soonest.

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Everybody knows Comrade Corbyn is more toxic than plutonium and there is no need to list his bankrupting manifesto promises or his hidden agenda towards Brexit. Corbyn will not become the next Prime Minister and his commie backed Labour Party supported by Union militant momentum apparatchiks, will be going down to the largest electoral defeat in history. The whole country knows it is vital to support Theresa and give her a strong mandate to fight for a good deal from our hard won Brexit.

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If you have dementia and go into a home; your savings and property are already taken from you by the local Council. Leaving you a max of £23K if you have that! So what are financially illiterate Corbyn and McDonnell going on about? Their hysterical comments are naturally fishing for pensioner voters. Corbyn is not going to be the next PM and his Communist backed Labour Party will go down to the biggest electoral defeat in history.

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Windbag Sturgeon is inept and has allowed the Scottish economy to go to pieces whilst running a £15 Billion annual deficit. She only pretends to control what is actually going on as she is obsessed with her one trick, false ambition of independence. She is a sectarian saboteur pretending to bring independence, but actually wants to shackle Scotland to the collapsing EU governed by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels. Sturgeon hates the English and blames the Tories for all her mismanagement. She refuses to admit the English market is worth four times the value of the EU single market. Her overbearing colleague, Salmond, is a crackpot economist and it is about time the SNP were exposed for the fraudsters they are and will bring penury to Scotland. The pompous Robertson is another narcissist full of bile and empty rhetoric. They are no longer trusted on improving living standards, investing in the Scottish NHS, housing, education and the economy. They would rather sow the politics of division and neglect the real reasons they were elected. The SNP is a business masquerading as a fraudulent political party. Where else would these inept individuals, pretending to work as MPs, earn a cushy £75,000 per annum plus expenses? For too long the SNP has pretended to work for the people of Scotland; it is a scam, a business racket for the benefit only of its selfish MPs and MSPs. Wise up Scotland and kick these scavengers out.

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Attacking the pension’s triple lock is unjustifiable. There seems to be an incorrect assumption that all pensioners are wealthy when this is patently not the case. More than a million pensioners rely purely on the state pension for income (figures from the Dept of Works & Pensions) and show it’s worsening as the numbers grow. The number of single retirees, just managing, who have no income from savings or private pensions, has risen by a quarter in the past six years with 1.1 million now in that situation, the worst for 20 years. The flat rate state pension ensures retirees receive £159.55 per week only if they have paid in and accrued 35 years of full national insurance contributions. However, most people who retired last year did not receive the full pay-out. So those callous comments from vindictive individuals in this thread are well out of order. Those advocating this for a Tory manifesto should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. I can assure you millions of pensioner votes will be lost. It should be noted Comrade Corbyn has stated he will retain the triple lock. As a member of the Conservative Party for over 50 years, I never thought I would see the day when an attack on pensioners would be considered for a Tory manifesto. This is a disgrace and will cost millions of votes from would be supporters.

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Attacking the pension’s triple lock is unjustifiable. There seems to be an incorrect assumption that all pensioners are wealthy. This is patently not the case. Not all pensioners are wealthy and the majority are just managing. This is an ill thought out proposition and will cost votes. Why should pensioners support a government that will lower their pensions? It is noticeable that Comrade Corbyn is going to support the triple lock and will gain traction. Make no mistake pensioners fixed incomes matter and they will not vote to be worse off. They do not complain and that gives the impression they are happy with the status quo; but believe me they will not tolerate degradation in prospective income. I can assure you millions of pensioner votes will be lost. As a member of the Conservative Party for over 50 years, I never thought I would see the day when an attack on pensioners would be considered for a Tory manifesto. This is a disgrace and will cost millions of votes from would be supporters.

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I have just had a reply to my earlier critical comment about Mark Wallace's recommendation about removing the triple lock. He cannot bear to take criticism and has replied in a very cocky manner and demonstrates an utterly cocky attitude. As a member of the Party for over 50 years he is worthless. Leave Wallace before you are booted out.