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I actually worked for Fox for two years. The majority of people I worked with were not only left, but hard left. (Not me.) My douchey old boss even proudly wore his Chinese communist red star hat every day. But all that comes more from hiring newspeople from New York City, which is a very liberal place, obviously.

Those who gripe about Fox a.) don't watch it, and/or b.) don't know the difference between news and opinion shows.

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It's probably being so close to the Vatican. The power of God just drained her demon soul.

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UM -- Update your facts, AP. Show got yanked for the season.

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Yeah, great job Rolling Stone -- sliming one of this country's greatest modern military commanders. and giving the military-hating president an excuse to fire him.

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Uh, Bush may have been a drinker in the past, but quit cold turkey. The current occupant of the White House has already been exposed as a heavy drinker, has admitted to using heroin and can't even quit smoking. God knows what he's up to at night.

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Miss him yet? Sure do, Mr. President.

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Hilarious you keep using the phrase "the MOB rules" as if it's a positive. Tell that to people who get crushed at concerts because somebody thinks somebody said "fire." You better hope "MOB rule" doesn't throw all logic out the window and elect a president with zero experience and -- oh, right...

I'd also poke fun at your grammar, but who has the energy.

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Wait - Wikileaks' leader is "Assange," his Number 2's name is pronounced "Dumb-Shite"? Anybody seeing a connection between bullying in the past over their last names, and their current occupations? Just saying.

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I hear she's moving on to a position within the Obama Administration.