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When our citizens visit middle eastern counties, the cover their heads as a mark of respect for the dress code in that Country. So why does it not happen in this country. Should we reallly allow women to be subjugated in this way and be hidden from the population with just their eyes showing. I for one will want to see this dress code banned from the streets of Britain. What they do inside thier homes is up to them.

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This really does highlight that the British public will not be dictated to by Marxist press and all of those unpleasant people behind the MEN.
Democaracy is all about the public having access to fair commentary about all of the parties and then making up their own minds who to support.
Just remember MEN that there was a large percentage of people who voted BNP/UKIP and the Greens and not for the LibLabCon trick. This makes more parliamentary seats winnable than ever.

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Did anyone really think that the position was any different to the one that Ken Clarke has confirmed. Cameron said he would not let things rest there, but would not say what this meant.
The conservatives cannot be trusted any more that the socialists and the liberals.
Our next task is to explain why a UKIP vote is wasted too. - lets see what they accomplish with thir 13 MEP's - probabaly no more than they did in the last EUSSR parliament.

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That nasty little man who organised the attack on Nick Griffin has just been on Newsnight and made it clear that even though nearly 1 million Britains voted BNP in the elections, we still should not have a voice. Shame on the BBC for allowing this thug to have a platform. Nick Griffin should be invited to be on newsnight tomorrow to give the other view

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Well, the time has come.....I dont think I have ever been so excited about casting my vote...
My Union Jack will be flying tomorrow and the BNP will see its first Euro MP's
Good luck to all who are standing. I vote in the South East, although How Milton Keynes has anything to do with the Isle of Wight i will never know.

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Another excellent result. I just hope this is repeated right across the country. I cant wait to see the look on the faces of the other parties, and of people from searchlight, that unelected body who have been give press space recently. Roll on the growth of the BNP, the only party who dare to tell the truth about Britain today

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On an amusing note, I did hear a comment on a radio programme, where the comedian said that with the public distrust of the MP's etc, there was likely to be a BNP/Green coalition govenment. This would mean wind farms everywhere with the wind sending the asylum seekers back to where they came from..................................................................................................

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I notced that a spokesman for search light was interviewed on the television during the week. Now, search light are not a political party, they have no mandate to speak on behalf of any part of the population and should not be given a platform. However they, who have not stood in any election would gag the BNP with many elected councillors and soon to be MEPs from the political process, and it is they who stand as a threat to the freedom of speech and expression in our country.
There is only one way ahead.........the election of BNP members to all levels of government

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Who ever watched question time last night will have noticed that the treasurer of UKIP does not sound very British.......which I for one find quite strange for a so called euro sceptic party.
British Jobs for British workers........unless you are UKIP it seems.

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17.1%...well done.....bring on the next election
Is this Hazel Blears land....she must be worried.....