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I agree both Dems and Repubs pander but this latest batch of Dems is a little hard to take. The programs Obama wants added to 8 years of Bush screwing up have me wondering if our country will survive and if it does survive, what will it be ?

I'm a fiscal conservative (not a Repub) and I don't care much for Liberal spending policies and before you bring Bush and his spending into this, I didn't have much time for his fiscal policies. Obama is a little on the scary side with his bailouts, fingers in banking, the auto industry and health care. I have no time for liberal spending policies. Our country wasn't founded with the idea that everyone would be taken care of by government . And, I really did find liberals under rocks. I'm a little old and crippled now but if I can, I'll catch one of the slithering creatures to show you.

As for socialists under my bed, I thought Obama rounded them all up and gave them government jobs handing out benefits to other socialists that don't care much for working. I'll check under my bed tonite. Hope my tinfoil hat doesn't fall off.

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Transformational economy ? I have a clue on that . That's where we send our industrial base overseas in return for cheap foreign made goods. It sounds real good until we end up with no jobs for the people here in the U.S. It works out well for those owning the factories and paper pushers but it sure plays hell on the common man.

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I quit looking under rocks for conspiracies years ago. Every time I turned over a rock I found some stupid liberal trying to hide from the truth.

Truth be told, one doesn't have to look for conspiracies. The American public has become so stupid, those in power don't have to hide anything they do. Both Republicans and Democrats have been operating right out in the open for all to see. Remember NAFTA and GATT and how they would improve our economy, improve life for Mexicans. that worked out well didn't it. They used that to ship most of our American industry over seas. Then there's Iraq, Afghanistan, Global Warming, the taking over of banking, the auto industry and health care is in the works. Sleep on.

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Obama isn't the President of the U.S. He is just the mouthpiece for the national socialist movement that has become the Democrat Party and is taking over the U.S. His job is to run around and keep all the Brown Shirts fired up and in line so when bigger things need to be done, they'll all be ready to go.

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A naked man walking. The Democrats need to look into this. A couple more people walking around naked and they could have another minority group to add to their list.

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I seriously doubt you could find enough people with knowledge of the Pennsylvania Constitution to hold a discussion let alone a Con Con. We can't enforce the Constitution we have now.Why would we think we could enforce a new one ?

I've said this on here many times before. They (the politicians) don't respect us. Maybe we should teach them to fear us. As coarse as that may sound, the thought is straight from the Founding Fathers. We shouldn't expect good government. We should demand good government.

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Call me a terrorist or any other thing you like but there will be no meaningful change for the better take place in State or National government on paper. These guys in charge now and down through the years have their fannies covered when it comes to any meaningful changes on paper happening.

As for voting them out, that will never happen as long as we have two major political parties. Republican or Democrat, they aren't interested in anything but their own power base and getting the money to power it. I probably won't live to see real change but at some point in the future, this State and this Nation will get a cleaning out, from top to bottom and it won't be pretty for some.

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Straight Shooter,

"Section 2. Political Powers - All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness. For the advancement of these ends they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think proper."

"in such manner as they may think proper." It says nothing about being legal, something the corrupt government would surely claim was illegal. It leaves it up to the people.

Some claim the courts would have to be involved but the courts are part of the problem and they should also be abolished, clear up to and including the PA. Supreme Court. If our Pennsylvania Courts were on the up and up, we wouldn't have the problems we have.

How about a petition of registered voters demanding the PA. Legislature, the Governor and the Courts step down. If they don't the people have the Right to change,alter,reform or ABOLISH as they see fit. I see no limits as to what actions the people may take.

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If my pension fund goes belly up does that mean you have to make up the difference or maybe even pay the whole thing ? Call me hard hearted but if your pension fund goes belly up, tough. I don't see why I should have to pay somebody's pension. Let the people that promised the pensions and the people that did the handling of the money make up the difference.

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Let's see, we have a Democommie governor and a union involved in trying to save jobs up against a Right to Work state. That should work out well.