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Hi there - I understand with a solar lease that the company installs, but owns the panels that are put on your rooftop.  You get the solar electricity generated by the panels at a fraction of the cost of grid-based electricity.  At the end of the lease, you may have the option to purchase the panels at a reduced cost.  Its a great way to go solar without the up-front investment.  Check out to see if they are in your area and what they can tell you.  I'm not affiliated with them, but I understand they have a good solar lease program.  Good luck.

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Many studies have documented this increase in value.  Among several, see ICF Consulting (“Evidence of Rational Market Valuations for Home Energy Efficiency,” that concluded that every $1 reduction in annual energy costs would increase a home’s value by $20.73.

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Great point - use one resource to help provide another resource!

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Thanks Kristen - I love getting the information out there so that people know there are many options for going solar.

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I totally hear you!  And yes, they can make the panels more affordable.  Just in the past year, prices have been cut in 1/2.  You could look into solar panel leasing options - no $$ down and you save more on your electricity bill than the monthly fee costs.  In the meantime, let's keep pushing local government to adopt building codes that require use of panels in sunny areas as you note.

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I thought the same thing - always looking out for cool solar gadgets like this!

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I think its already shaping up to be a battle between China and Germany when it comes to solar panel manufacturing!

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Thanks Debra!  So glad I could help you with the decision-making in converting to solar!

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Thank you Sonia!  Its easier to go solar than many people might think!

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Wow Glenn, that is very flattering!  I appreciate your comment, as I do take time to research and put out the best information on solar.  Take care, Stephanie