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It is my birthday.
And I'm not feeling it.
It is one of those weird in-between ages. Life stuff is stressful. I am home for the summer which is not where I wanted to be--All my friends are elsewhere. I am not where I wanted to be at this point in my life. And I have a super itchy rash from an allergy to who knows what.
Consoling GIFs, animal pics, and advice on how to maybe cheer up/be a bit more celebratory appreciated? What low key ways do you like to celebrate your awesomeness?

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I did not think I had Prince feelings. I am a young 'un so I missed all the Purple Rain stuff.
But it turns out--> Prince is still in my musical story (just hiding). 1999 (just the song) was the soundtrack to my 2nd grade year. Little Red Corvette was the first song I think I understood And that half time show blew my 15 year old mind.
I'm just so sad he's not here any more. I'm so sad I only can really understand him now after his death. He wrote so much...Jesus....and I'm only just discovering it.
And he just seems so awesome and now he's not here.
This is also filling me with a...desperation to see all the artists I love before they pass. I feel like I've missed out on someone great and I don't want to miss out again

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Tom Petty in that moment is reassessing his entire life. And finding it wanting.

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Yep this slayed me. It's such a testament to him and the fact that the work/art we do and connections we make with others will outlast us all.
Ugh this week.
Going to go put on purple pants and try to do some good work today

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Thank you! Off to buy!

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Is that bag large enough to fit a paperback book? I'm bad w/ dimensions. (Priorities are less festival related and more subway/outdoor reading related

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I loved All of A Kind Family! I also loved Allegra Maud Goldman by Edith Konecky. I was Catholic but the school I went to had lots of Jewish students so the presence of Jewish children's literature makes sense in hindsight. I think the Judaism of both the books either went over my head/didn't make an impression--I'd love to re-read them.

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The sarcasm of the NY magazine response to this dude was perfect.

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I wear leg braces and I just death-stare people. I get on and look around sheepishly but if no one moves.....
The death-stare is on.

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So Toasties this has been A Week.
I realized that a friend who I've known/been close to since high school has morphed into an unpleasant person to be around. I'm taking a break from her for now but having that realization at all is still unpleasant.
Then on Wednesday I had my first truly creepy street harassment incident. I'd noticed an unstable guy walking behind me and talking to himself as I walked to the subway. I ignored him and kept going. As I stopped at a corner, a woman came up next to me and said "That guy's been following you for three blocks. I'll walk with you." She walked me to a restaurant and waited with me until I got a cab.
So many feelings regarding this but the main 2:
1) Gratitude for the bystander. So much gratitude. The situation might have never escalated but she certainly kept it from doing so.
2) Anger at the people who when I told them of this responded in ways that made me feel at fault. Seriously, y'all? I'm an anxious human who skews hyper vigilant. I was aware of my surroundings, And I did nothing wrong.
On the plus side, I received the pencil sketch of a piece of fan art I commissioned last month. It is Princess Leia with a light saber and I love it so dearly. I'll post when I get the finished piece