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Knowing Spike, he'll use his new mind fire abilities for cooking, and maybe warming blankets

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OK, I think my brain is able to comprehend this now. He's almost certainly (I'd say 90-95% chance) doing this for improved PR. If he really cared, he'd do more than send prayers. I'm fairly certain he has more money in his wallet than I do in my bank account, so I know that it's possible for him to do more.

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A prompt is given following the new episode that somehow relates to it (For example, the prompt for Bats! was 'Twilight's Remove-Batness spell didn't quite work'). Submissions are accepted until Thursday. All submissions that are site appropriate are accepted and displayed.

Think of it as shotgun-style fics

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Derpy! Derpy!
She's our mare!
If she can't do it,
We don't care!

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Soon on a human timescale or the geologic one?

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Please tell me they aren't running Valve Time.

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For the Denver Comic Con photo, the guy who took the picture said "Come on everypony, I want to see you smile!" before snapping it. Everyone had just come out of the MLP panel before the photo. First question to the artists: Favorite pony.

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If anybody asks, it was like that when you got there.

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I'm torn now. Originally, I didn't back the project because I couldn't afford to in my budget/would be unable to get the rewards I wanted if I did. When it completed, I waited for it to come out. When it came out, I held off on buying it due to a birthday/holiday season coming up. Now, I'm not sure if I should buy it. To clarify, I have no plans to pirate it. I'm just not sure if I should wait for the possible bonus material or not.

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Discord and himself. I want to hear him singing harmony by himself.