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Komo.... deleting my post which was within your guidelines for posting is a fine example of what my post was expressing. If it were not for this type of behavior from our media... I would probably not even think what it is I expressed.

signing out of your forum forever!

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A life is a life... how are any of the above I mentioned less innocent then a child in a womb? That was my point.

You would have to bring "Christianity" into the issue..

Christianity has shed more innocent blood then we could ever catch up with by allowing abortions for the next 2,018 years; since the Mythological God "Jesus" was supposedly conceived without penetration. The claiming of innocents and purity...

Just how selfish is your faith and it's followers on their path to god's kingdom? How shallow of your faith as it continues to shame and condemn others for not believing in your god and the many interpretations of his so called word? Ugly is the arrogance of your faith! Sick and distorted as it is....

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But it was acceptable to use a stick to rid yourself of child back in the day or be cast out of society... acceptable to rape, beat and kill our slaves, acceptable to slaughter Native American's, acceptable to burn so called witches. Even today, It's acceptable to send our men and women to die in wars that have no true threat to the United States and are for financial and political agenda's!

I would not get an abortion.... but I do not have the right to dictate to others on personal choices and do not want others to dictate my choices. I tend to believe in what so many have died for...OUR FREEDOM!

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"Opponents said the measure would lead to more abortions and would prove expensive."

let me see... abortion= 1 time fee.... No abortion= 18 years of welfare, medical, dental, food, housing... can tax payers have the right to choose for them since they end up footing the bill???

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absolute ignorance.... pot smokers are the first to say "I'm too stoned to drive", unlike the drunk who insists they are good to drive home and are too drunk to make any rational decision.

3 hours... unstoned, drive home... Drunk? call it a nite & call a cab because alcohol take a long time to get out of your system... Heck, if you got drunk the nite before and up early headed to work the next day... you most likely are still legally drunk and should not drive!

Bottom line... it's the user not the substance!

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The best way for government to create jobs is to stop taking money out of our pockets so we can create our own jobs!

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At least with Ron Paul, you know what he stands for and what you are getting. But we rather elect a puppet who isn't sure which color strings is more appealing to him on any given day!

NDAA? I can't believe Romney said yes he supports it.... He should have been hauled off that stage and stomped!

Id rather have a Ron Paul fighting congress and not wavering then a Romney lining his Wall Street Investors pockets and securing inside deals while Americans once again get the shaft!

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Romney is a white Obama! He will do the same thing Obama did... get in and do the opposite of what he sold us!

Romney is only electable because the establishment is behind him and they are selling his "Business Skills" as if that is what America needs. . Bain Capital re-structure of America!

After seeing that video on youtube when he totally turned his back on a MJ patient in a wheelchair with little regard to the issue other then his stance... I'd vote for anyone other then Romney simply for the lack of humanity in such a cold soul!

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I would think the biggest threat to Obama would be someone who has a proven track record of not flip flopping and less dirty deeds to dig out of the closet! Someone that see's the big picture as to why we find America digging it's own grave in the first place.

Romney is the biggest threat to Obama only because we have been fed that he is and because of his "Wall Street & Banking" financial supporters, you know, the one's we (Obama) bailed out while we (taxpayer) scrape to make our house payments?

Obama/Mitt..... same wolf in sheep's clothing!

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Correction: The Media is already calling it and the sheep are regurgitating it!