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I don't mind 500+page books when I've got the time to spend and they pull me in! I've seen this one around and enjoyed your take on it!

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I work with someone who is that way and she's also a good friend. I've actually steered clear of doing things with her because of the negativity. I can't take it. I've adopted the motto "Choose Your Attitude" and it works for me. I approach each day with a smile and positive vibes....maybe one of these days she'll see what she's missing out on!!!!

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I really liked this book and look forward to the next one in the series. Great quote choice!

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I'm totally in love with her in both of the costumes!!!!! I've been in a review slump for a few months :D
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What a great thing that so many women showed up and what a powerful story to share!

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I'll pass on this one for now. I'm on the lookout for those 4/5 star books so thanks for reading it for me!! :D Sorry that it didn't keep you hooked!

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What is it with poo and dogs???? We just got a new puppy and the first thing she finds out in the yard was cat poo...yep, she gobbled it right up! Hope the hubby found the shampoo!!

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I love all of them...the last one would be perfect for my son if it said movie quotes!!!

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Yay!! I love the are talented!!!! I'm going to go back and edit my posts where I used this format!!!

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That is a huge new release list. could you imagine trying to keep up with that???