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I can understand disappointment you may feel coming in headfirst expecting a remake or reimagining of the original. When I was reviewing, I had experience of a little Wolf 3D and a lifetime of Doom 2 experience and mostly viewed the game as an allusion to classic games whilst also adapting to the high standard set by video-games on the current generation of consoles (a little like what 'Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard' aimed to do, except a lot more subtle).

It suffers from borrowing a little too much and not innovating with what it's taken much further but I feel that Wolfenstein is overall a great game that meets many of the requirements of a current-gen video-game due to an entertaining single player mode with a variety of options as to how you wish to approach the game and tackle its objectives (including an RPG-esque weapon upgrade system) giving a satisfying gameplay experience however you choose to play. Look at Fallout 3, it doesn't resemble the original games that much in gameplay or visuals because it is an evolution of those previous titles, and to create a fresh experience with a played-to-death series; changes have to be made.

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Woo, happy to hear!

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Woo! Love the second... the first is good but I much prefer number two.

Would buy had I not completed about 4 times.

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Glad we're getting an equivalent on the PSP... Too long have we gone without an adaptation of Frequency/Amplitude.

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You guys have far too much money.

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This is interesting cause, you know, I heard Microsoft was discontinuing the Xbox 360 next year.

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Of course not, you watch quality shows like American Idol, Passions and Cheaters.

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Thanks for pointing out that they didn't create TIC. Though I think you'll find that I didn't mention copying or at least didn't intend to suggest it. I feel that they took ideas and adapted them, which is no bad thing of course.

Without this we wouldn't even have analogue sticks on our controllers.

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right on, i'm poor and cheap and I want free stuff. I DEMAND FREE STUFF!
I don't even own a DS. I'm well untrendy.

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What about Leisure Suit Larry... actually come to think of it no room has done anything to deserve that.