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When the Leave campaign said we would take back control, it would have been more accurate to say:

'Vote Leave and see the Prime Minister constantly go over and beg the EU for favours.'

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So why should this or any government have the ability to present the same motion repeatedly?

'Because I don't like Bercow' is not a valid reason.

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55% of whom voted Remain.

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If May and the EU27 agree to an extension, isn't parliament obliged to put that into UK law - or are those claims that we are required to follow EU law untrue?

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Robert Peston has heard that May has made an offer to the DUP to keep GB & NI aligned during the backstop. I can see Foster being sympathetic to this (judging by what she has said previously about not wanting a Hard Brexit) but, as it effectively means all the UK remaining in the Single Market, it would be less acceptable to the DUP MPs who do want a Hard Brexit.

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I don't see how Leavers will decide the next GE if, as is likely, they are a minority of voters in it. Although I appreciate that many posts here are based on the premise there will be a Hard Brexit landslide.

The other thing to bear in mind is that at the time of the last election Remainers felt that Leave should be given the benefit of the doubt. These were the halcyon days when Leave was polling at 70%. This feeling has now dissipated.

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A lot of the 'uninterested in politics' who voted Leave do not normally vote in General Elections. This meant that a majority of those who voted in the 2017 GE had voted Remain. This is most likely to be the case at the next election too.

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Survation poll today has only 26% of Conservative voters against May's deal. So his Association want him to align himself with what is now a minority of Conservative voters to oppose Conservative government policy.

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The 'Prime Minister was not honest about the inevitable trade-offs.'

But this is only half the story. Leavers accepted this dishonesty because it reflected their own cake and eat it policy.

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Government has announced it will do this by Statutory Instrument, which means it can be voted through on a simple unamendable motion.

Primary legislation is not required.