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The current incarnation of Boris does not go down well in London.

As Mayor he held himself out to be on the liberal wing of the party.

And anti-Trump: https://youtu.be/p4EAc0QFubs

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‘If you can’t win a majority on 42 per cent, you don’t stand a prayer of winning one on 36 per cent’

Yes but Cameron’s liberal Conservativism DID win a majority on 36%, when UKIP were up at 13%, because floating voters preferred Conservative to Labour.

The majority was lost with UKIP Conservativism because virtually all the non-UKIP floating voters went to Labour.

So even if all the Tory/UKIP switchers came back, there are not enough of them to produce a majority.

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Report here, but they haven't revealed the UKIP figure yet.

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When you read it do you gloss over the alignment bits (greatest possible single market access, customs agreement etc.) or do you think that, as they are incompatible with the divergent bits, they must have crept in there by mistake?

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Yesterday one of the 4 ERG amendments to the Trade Bill was signed by Sammy Wilson, the DUPs Brexit spokesperson. This action does appear to contradict the ‘billion pound bung’ agreement. (As far as I can see, these 4 amendments have yet to appear on the parliament.uk website.)

But look at what the amendment calls for: the government to commit itself in law not to allow a customs border down the Irish Sea. The government has always declared this to be its intention so, even if it doesn’t accept the amendment outright, I would imagine an accommodation can be arrived at.

But it shows that the strength of feeling by the DUP on this has been seriously underestimated by the writer/s of this article.

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These are just imaginary nuggets that we could never have had.

DexEU plan - not acceptable to the EU and we would have had to move towards the Canada deal.

Chequers plan - not acceptable to the EU and we will have to move towards the Norway deal.

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Exactly right.

The explicit Vote Leave plan was:
“We have a new EU-UK Treaty based on free trade and friendly co-operation. There is a European free trade zone from Iceland to the Russian border and we will be part of it.”

That did not go as far as the Canada deal, let alone No Deal.

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The contortions that the government has gone through to produce an alignment policy that does not breach (or so it alleges) its red lines have resulted in some proposals of dubious workability. The EU can thereby object to them on practical grounds, which will be more difficult to resist than political ones.

There is no point in ‘holding firm’ on the new proposals. Because they are rejected by the ERG and the opposition benches they have insufficient support. Therefore negotiations are bound to proceed in a Remain direction, because the EU and the parliamentary majority will both be pulling that way.

Yesterday when the Prime Minister ended an answer with a rousing “We are leaving the single market and leaving the customs union!” it was noticeable that no-one cheered. That used to be a sure way of getting a cheer.

The old ‘hardline’ rhetoric no longer works so she might as well drop it.

Similarly there is no point in continuing to say ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, because the only people with whom this resonated think the new proposals ARE a bad deal.

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Regarding enlarging lorry windows, the EU did vote this through and at the time Johnson attacked our government for not supporting the EU's plans: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-25942323

Now he is saying that our government would have done it and the EU prevented it.

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But this is the trouble Johnson had in his Brexiteer caucus meetings prior to Chequers - they also could not come up with a viable alternative plan.