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Isn't it possible that when he says these things Boris believes he is telling the truth? Think of him waving that kipper. If so, the dishonest intent is not in the original statement but the refusal to admit that it was untrue after this has been pointed out to him.

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The DUP supported the existing soft land border and campaigned for Brexit on the basis that it would be preserved. Even in their 2017 manifesto it was still their policy to have a frictionless border.

But they never explained how this could be achieved, leaving the UK government to come up with a viable mechanism. Normally the PM would point out to them that they are to blame by promising two contradictory objectives. But Boris can't do that because he was implicit in the original deception.

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On the 'invading Poland' analogy, if Hitler had withdrawn his troops the day after it would have been within the 2 day deadline set by Chamberlain.

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'Activists have been galvanised by the emergence of the Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party, which the latest polls suggest is on track to win two seats in the Senedd.'

There are already two Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party members on the Senedd through defections: Mark Reckless and Gareth Bennett.

(Source: the official Senedd website)

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Trump did get on the front of Playboy.

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Every so often Nigel Farage appears in adverts at the top and side of this page which you click on and see him saying:

“Could it go right to the 11th hour? Will there be lorries queueing at Dover? Will trade suffer? What do you as an investor do to make sure that you are protected in case this goes wrong? I’m going to be keeping you up to date with all of this. Click the link here.”

You are then supposed to click the link and pay money to find out from him how to avoid being hit by Brexit.

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I suppose we should savour this moment, just before his decision on Brexit, when we can still enjoy reading about Johnson’s jolly EU japes without knowing what they resulted in.

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That would be fine if the 52% all wanted the same thing.

John Curtice’s latest analysis of opinion polls is that 22% of Leavers say leaving without a deal would be unacceptable. Add in the Remainers and Boris knows that he would have to pursue No Deal as a minority cause. And it would become increasingly unpopular when people suffer economically next year because, unlike Covid, it will be a cause of their pain that they can pin on him directly.

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Competitive advantage + no tariffs would be nice, but No Deal simply replaces the possibility of tariffs in the future with the certainty of tariffs now.

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Boris is in a massive dilemma. It looks like he is just trying to put off a decision for as long as possible.