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Surely the most striking similarity between the two is when Churchill said:

"I have nothing to offer but a jolly jape."

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The bottom line is that No Deal has only minority support in the country and a GE called to give the government a mandate for it will be a difficult sell as it comes under the scrutiny of a GE campaign.

A GE on No Deal will also be a gift to the Labour party as opposition to it it is the one thing on Brexit they all agree about and have been consistent about - as it was was specifically rejected in their last manifesto.

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It is the main story in the pro-Brexit pro-Boris Telegraph.

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Perhaps we could find out Johnson's secret Brexit plan from his neighbours.

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One way of reading this poll is that the net effect after Brexit is:
- About 2% Brexit Party voters return to Labour;
- About 1% LibDem voters return to Labour;
- About 2% LibDem voters return to Green.

If this is correct no LibDem voters return to the Conservatives, which is left to fight it out with the Brxp for the 42/43% remaining.

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On 14-Mar ConHome said Mundell should be sacked by the next PM for defying a 3-line whip on No Deal.

The difficulty of assembling a cabinet dedicated to No Deal is demonstrated by including him, and others known to be against it, in the list proposed.

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Your 'alternative' line does not invalidate Rory's, just shows what a dilemma we are in.

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Rory agrees to be interviewed, Boris refuses.

Rather than blame the BBC for this you should blame Boris, and ponder why he is frit of someone like Andrew Neil asking him some questions to flush out how he thinks he can achieve what he has promised.

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Completely misjudged by the bookies, who had her in third place.

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'Two-ways Theresa' replaced by 'Both-ways Boris'. Duplicity triumphs again.