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That is slightly dodging the question. We are in a dilemma; there are problems with whichever path we take.

The Vote Leave material talked about an EFTA-type situation. What I heard after the referendum, before these problems had been clarified, was that Norway would not honour the Leave vote - and the people who wanted it were sidelined, even though they were instrumental in achieving the 52%.

You can say that in your personal opinion, with what we know now, the best solution would be to leave without a deal. But you cannot say that is what 52% voted for.

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In the Norway Plus being proposed, the 'plus' of a customs union is supposed to be only temporary until the technological systems are agreed with the EU. After that we can make our own trade deals. In that sense it is the same as May's deal, but without carving out Northern Ireland and with a clearer end state.

But even if there were no 'plus', would you accept Norway as Brexit?

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Vote Leave said: “We have no power to make free trade deals with fast growing economies like India and China – unlike non-EU Iceland and Switzerland.”

When did Iceland and Switzerland change from being non-EU to non-Brexit?

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But you would still have the problem of how that 30-40% could impose its will on the majority.

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Remember also that, last December, Davis claimed the trade deal would be signed “one minute, or one second, after we leave” next March.

Instead we have a Political Declaration so vacuous that it does not even describe the type of trade deal we want but a 'spectrum' of options. How are we going to even start negotiating a trade deal without knowing what point on the spectrum we are heading for?

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I'm not ignoring those commitments, I'm saying they contradicted other commitments.

The manifesto said: 'We will seek a deep and special partnership including a comprehensive free trade and customs agreement'.

Vote Leave policy: “We have a new EU-UK Treaty based on free trade and friendly co-operation. There is a European free trade zone from Iceland to the Russian border and we will be part of it.”

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In Paul Goodman’s article on referendum day he said we should vote Leave to be a self-governing nation like, among others, Norway and Switzerland. If he were writing it today, instead of saying ‘Norway. Canada. Switzerland.’ presumably he would just say ‘Canada’. Such is the Hard Brexit re-writing of history that is going on now.

The Soft Brexiteers are branded as traitors for wanting something that is “not really Brexit”. The logic of this is that they should have voted Remain, which would have resulted in Remain winning. But now, having bagged their votes, people like Stewart pretend that all who voted Leave wanted a Hard Brexit.

When he was working for Davis he knew that the government was pursuing a twin track of leaving the single market and customs union yet keeping their benefits. Going through the contortions required by these contradictory objectives has led to May’s deal. Now he pretends that the government never intended to pursue these benefits – or ‘exact same benefits’ as his boss said.

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May has not tried to steer a middle way; she has faced both ways. That is a completely different thing to compromise, and what has brought us to this 'worst of both worlds' deal.

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Congratulations on your correct prediction!

It will be interesting to see how this affects MPs view of Cox's assurances that the backstop will be finite because otherwise there would be a successful legal challenge to it not being in the spirit of A50.

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Lord Bridges warned that the transition period should be a "bridge to a clear destination" and not a "gangplank into thin air".

As he is now supporting the Gangplank option, shouldn't he change his name?