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Hannan has now removed the link to a poll with a 10% lead for Remain which he claimed showed a 10% lead for Leave.

He has replaced it with the statement “There is no shift in public opinion” and links to a graph from the 'What UK Thinks' UK poll results page showing a series of polls going up only to 17-Nov-2017 - ending up with one which shows Leave and Remain on the same figure, but which is preceded by 4 polls showing a Remain lead. By doing so he has deliberately avoided linking to the graph immediately below it which asks the same question and goes up to 11-Jan-2018 - showing the most recent 4 polls with a Remain lead.

And the poll below that asks the question: “In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the EU? This shows a clear trend over time from “Right” to “Wrong”.

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It doesn't matter where the poll appeared. The point is that Hannan sees a poll with a 10 point Remain lead and thinks it is a 10 point Leave lead. It shows how blinkered he is.

Similarly with the way that he contrasts May's reasonableness with the EU's unreasonableness. He just sees what he wants to see.

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Swayne was only shown sleeping because he was in camera shot while Clarke was speaking. The guidelines for televising parliament are that you do NOT show MPs who fall asleep, a policy which Clarke himself has benefited from on more than one occasion.

For some time I have noticed Swayne sitting immediately behind Clarke. He must have known this put him in the picture each time Clarke spoke, whereupon Swayne would very ostentatiously look alternatively disgusted and bored. It appears he got just got a bit carried away with the bored part of his act.

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The Lords is highly unlikely to defy the Commons on Brexit. Speculation of this kind is a diversion from the real battleground – the Commons.

The Prime Minister keeps her MPs on both wings thinking that she will eventually come down on their side. She encourages the ‘divergers’ by what she says and the ‘aligners’ by what she has done so far.

If she comes down on the aligners side she will annoy more Conservative MPs than she pleases. If she comes down on the divergers side she will annoy more MPs overall than she pleases.

In both scenarios, the battle will be in the Commons.

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Interesting statement today by the Bow Group:

"Whilst technically Theresa May has enough support in Parliament as a whole to pass a soft Brexit – 130 Conservative MPs being opposed to it will topple the government immediately preventing such a bill from being passed."

A couple of obvious questions arise:

1. Does the Bow Group know that 130 Conservative MPs oppose a soft Brexit, or are they simply assuming this is the position of all the 130ish Conservative MPs who supported Brexit in the referendum?

2. As they admit that a soft Brexit would pass through Parliament, are they saying that to prevent this being enacted their 130 Conservative MPs would join with Labour in a vote of no confidence?

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Perhaps he has declined to accept a knighthood - following in the grand tradition of TE Lawrence, David Bowie and Sherlock Holmes.

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The Metric Martyrs could be ennobled, to coincide with an announcement to reintroduce pounds and ounces.

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Getting stuck in the transition period, like an endless purgatory, does indeed seem to be the most likely outcome.

If the cabinet is too divided to come up with a realistic plan for plotting a clear path ahead, we will tumble down the path of least resistance.

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I don’t see how a Canada deal fits in with what the Prime Minister said today that, because we are starting from complete convergence, a trade deal can be rushed through by March 2019. Surely a trade deal can only be done quickly on this basis if there is limited divergence.

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Only if the people had "emphatically rejected" the EU in reality, rather than just in Owen Paterson's mind, could what he proposes happen.