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But your claim was about the customs union. Polls show only about a third want to leave it, indicating that there are a significant number of leavers who want to stay in it.

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There was a radio debate between Powell and Michael Foot ...

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Where in the Labour manifesto did it say they would be leaving the customs union?

"We will scrap the Conservatives’ Brexit White Paper and replace it with fresh negotiating priorities that have a strong emphasis on retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union."

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What Gove told the Commons about our fishing objectives neatly summed up the negotiations overall:

“We pressed hard during negotiations to secure this outcome and we are disappointed that the EU were not willing to move on this.”

No wonder the Prime Minister cannot say that there will be a net benefit.

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If Brexit supporters have mass celebrations on 29-Mar-19 in the belief that, in any meaningful way, we have left the EU on that date - then the government can just relax and say ‘job done’.

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The appropriate time for policy research was before the referendum. I expect the government feels there has to be some sort of limit to the amount of money and resources you can throw at Brexit now, looking for nebulous benefits that may not be there. It was supposed to be something that saved us money.

And if only a quarter of leavers think we will not be ready in time then the government do not have to worry. Presumably this means that the majority think a 21 month transition period IS long enough, something you can readily believe if you think trade deals are a sinch and in any case unnecessary.

Then there is the hopeful Brexit mantra that our EU negotiations will be ‘easy because we start from the same point’. Intrinsically I cannot see why negotiating divergence is easier than negotiating convergence – unless, of course, you do not intend to diverge very much.

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It used to be good, but it has been driven mad by Brexit.

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Remember when Starmer came out with Labour's new policy that we should remain in the Customs Union and Single Market during the transition period. The Prime Minister went on television that day to condemn the plan. She explained to the Commons how her transition period would be different - we would leave both in March-19.

She must be delighted with the way that this has been reversed with hardly any complaint, and therefore be confident that a similar reversal can be engineered for the next stage. No doubt this will be accompanied by another Remain-bashing editorial on ConHome to keep up the Brexiteers spirits and to divert from paradise being postponed again.

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The existing EU sanctions surprised Russia. The UK played a key, some say vital, part in pushing them through.

Boris was the last person we should have sent to try and persuade the EU to give a strong reaction this time. He is the embodiment of everything they despise about Brexit.

Sanctions renewal looks increasingly unlikely as the UK's influence wanes.

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The difference is that the EU and Obama tariffs were applied against China, which even Trump agrees is mainly responsible for the overproduction. Because of the Obama tariffs hardly any Chinese steel goes to the USA any more. So the important point is not that he is ‘only’ adding 25% - but that he is targeting it at countries like us.