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I really hope Tom is doing well!

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I am in complete agreement with you! There is .4 of 1% CO2 in the atmosphere.
CO2 is a byproduct of life. Not a death gas that will kill us all! .

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Also I hope Tom is doing good.

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If the Russians do this, then bye bye dollar, euro, pound sterling. The Russians can back their currency with gold.

Hello lean years for us.

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The Irish journalist Gearóid Ó Colmáin calls this process the Gazafication of the world..

His description of Zionism.

"Western imperialism or Zionism has both a religious and ethnic dimension. Zionism is a Messianic and racist ideology which is not based simply on secular, Jewish nationalism but has its roots in Talmudism"

Link to his website.

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The problem is not only Wall St. It is their vehicle the Fedaral Reserve System and associated banks.
This can create money out of nothing and loan it to its friends at favourable rates to buy up any business they want.

The depression was created by increasing vastly the money supply, getting all the suckers to invest in stocks and shares, then at the right moment contract the money supply and call in the now unpayable loans.

Rinse and repeat ever since

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Merrick Garland is a Jew. The Jews are behind BLM. Jews think all goyim are beast on two legs, but they haye whites more than the others brcause of Christianity.

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Do not forget the holocaust inflicted on the Russian people by the State formed by Ulyanov, Bronstein, Apfelbaum, Rosenfeld,, and assoeted merry mensches.

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"What Does a "Racist Country" Look Like Anyway?"

Ersatz Israel?

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Would you believe me if I told you that comment was posted on Rt.com earlier today.
How it ende up here, I don't know.