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HELP!!!! Our country is being stolen out from under us. Increased TAX on cigarettes (I don't smoke but come on)? Renewal of the death TAX? Elimination of the Bush TAX cuts? Anyone making less than $250K who thinks they aren't going to be taxed is WRONG. There are so many frigtening things happening I don't know where to start.

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Not sold on Romney although he's from my home state, Michigan, orignally and has succeeded anywhere he's been. Newt didn't step up and has made some strange statements lately. Ron Paul can't sell his ideas and, like it or not, it takes someone who can. Ronald Reagan was like that and, unfortunately, so is Barack Hussein Obama.

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I didn't hear about this until now. I have always been uncomfortable about Crist's real values and believe it is actually a RINO. We need a new party and the LIbertarian party doesn't get it.

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And who is doing the misinterpreting at the moment? Does "ambushing" the constitution mean anything to anyone?

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I am a Christian and, so far, Barack "The Messiah" Obama hasn't shown me anything that proves he represents anything included in Revelations. Whatever happens, it is Gods will and it is our job now to due what Jesus Christ inspires us to do.

If those who left the religious oppression of Europe to find the new world and religious freedom had thought it was the end times and there was no hope, where would mankind be?

Our country will NOT be destroyed. Remember, Obama got more than 50%, but McCain just under 50%. This nation is too strong to let power grabbers and socialists take control of this great nation. Our ancestors shed blood to keep this nation great and we can, at least, shed faith and hard work to keep it that way.