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I think you're crediting the NotW with a subtlety they don't really have.

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This sounds an awful lot like a friend of mine. He will have a "good idea" - For example, covering a jeep with C4 in Battlefield 1943, then driving it headlong into things before detonating it. Now, due to Battlefield's interesting grasp of physics, that explosion will kill him, but not members of his team. This means that quite often somebody will find themselves at the turret of a non-moving jeep, blinking at a tank that was not destroyed by suicide jeep, before being blown to bits.

He will then respawn and try again. At no point does he think that this might not actually be a good idea. I might write "There is no Melvin in team."

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I'll be truthful, I never really got into FF8. However, for a pound I thought it was worth it. Also, I live in very working class North Wales. People in my local think I'm gay because I work with computers. They'll never catch on, you see.

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I'd pay for a minigame in which you stand in front of a toilet cubicle and hit one of them on the head with a cricket bat as they opened the door.

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Every time I read "EDF", My mind sees "EDL".

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I own a sealed copy of the picture disc version of Final Fantasy 7, bought for £15 from a man who clearly didn't know what he was selling. I also got my copy of Secret of Mana from the local video shop for a few pounds when I was young.

I actually have a few bargains, back from when I used to work in Game: Final Fantasy 8 for a pound being the first one that springs to mind.

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I'm purposely not watching any Let's Plays either - I've seen a couple, but they were ages ago and as such I've forgotten most of the foul tricks the game plays on you.

I normally spend my weekends slippery and hard, so it probably won't be too different.

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I apologise for the error, apparently I was born with lumps of gammon instead of hands and a brain made entirely of marshmallow and spit.

Battletoads I feel could be problematic though: Whilst masocore (or whatever they're called) games are developing a following in Lets Play and Indie circles, the big companies simply have no interest in them. They want games that will hold people by the hand through them, then spit them out at the other end, cash ready to buy the sequel (This was shockingly apparent in Bulletstorm, as much as I enjoyed it). Of course, a smaller studio could well make a fine tribute to Battletoads of the past (which assuming it was sold in shops would also put an end to one of 4chan's most spectacularly helmety pranks), but then I'm fairly certain Rare-o-Soft aren't going to let it go.

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Here is my opinion:


We already have a market saturated with sequels and reboots, surely it's time for some new IPs? In a day and age when a story like Heavy Rain or Shadow of the Colossus can be told, I don't know if "Your girlfriend has been kidnapped, go and find her" stands up now (And yes, I appreciate that at its very simplest level Heavy Rain is "Your son has been kidnapped, go and find him", but there's more to it than that).

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"Despite a lot of early obsession about Bayonetta's proportions (not least from Hideki Kamiya who harped on about her bottom) and hyper-sexualised appearance she turns out to be a much more interesting character than I expected. I am not saying that the story is any good or that the Witch is some kind of Ellen Ripley of video games but she is much more interesting than the Princess types of the JRPG or the only-there-as-dressing side-kicks. Certainly Bayonetta is designed as 'sexy' but it all seems to be a bit of a joke, one that even the protagonist is in on. Every strut and pose seems to be part mocking and part self parody. For all the winks and pole dancing it is never as if she isn't in control of this image, nor is she some kind of nymphomaniac obsessed with men. In fact, the strongest relationships she develops over the course of the adventure are with females (previously mentioned and equally ridiculous looking Jeanne and a little girl). I don't want to get into it too deeply but a lot of people who have these preconceptions of what Bayonetta is going to be just by the box art and screen shots will find these perceptions to be false."

I also thank you for writing this, I've been trying to verbalise this for some time.