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Cut at least the sports and most of the free lunch programs. Good for Middlebury for finaly growing a pair a cuting some of the sports. My money should go towards educat, as in science labs, not someones entertainment and glory.

Times are tough and money is short. People need to take responsibility for themselves and not have their hand out asking for more. If parents want to watch their kids play a game, let them pay for it. Feed your own kid and quit asking me too. If your money is tight, cut the phone and cable tv. Show some pride and do for yourself.

Rant over. Needed to get that out.

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Can't do that now. Construction, unions, police FOP and lobiest have too much money to support the politicians. Look at Killifornia, the strongest union in the state is the prison industrial complex. Look how broke they are.

Nope. Gotta keep building and spending more money. After all, the tax payer is a sucker when you threaten them with the loss of their so called security.

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Sweet jebus. What a sexually repressed, puritanical society we live in. Get over your moral superiority complex and open your minds.

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The cops probably thought she was a dog. It is standard police procedure to shoot a dog on site, during these raids.

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We are cutting teachers to save money. This has an effect on all students. Yet we continue to pump large ammounts of money into sports teams, programs that only bennefit a few students. We should all be outraged by this.

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The sad thing is, this is a common occurance. That and the fabrication of evidence, covering up of facts and and wrong doing, wrong door and escalation of violence by there tactics. The swat teams break into the wrong home all the time and the resident kills a member of the raiding department in what is clearly self defense from an intruder. Guess what, he goes to jail while the members of the wrong door raid get a free pass.

For a real eye opener, read a paper by Radley Balko titled "Overkill". If you don't think the police have overstepped their bound, this paper will change your mind.

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Good ridance. We deserved much better representation. It is such a sad reflection on us the people of Indiana that we kept sending him back. His votes in support of GM, TARP, and other bail outs should have sent him packing. Thank the fates he is resigning.

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Truer words have rarily been spoken.

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It doesn't help that the schools are some of the bigest pushers of some of these drugs. Johny is acting like a normal energetic kid. Better put him on ritilin.

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FTA: "Police say there is really no way to tell is someone is a card holder and they investigate each situation as if there is a illegal operation taking place."

So does this mean legal card carying users are going to have the standard police raid SOP used against them? That being a know knock raid by the SWAT Team. Any dogs in the house shot on site. Risk being shot by a jumpy swat team member. roughed up, handcuffed, thrown to the ground with a gun at your head the entire time. If anything is said by you, you are told to STFU.