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To all Florida 912’ers, Charlie Crist, our state governor, has just announced that he will run for the Senate seat to be vacated by Mel Martinez. I urge all of you to stand up against this man. We do not need another RINO and friend of Obama’s in Congress. Our country is rushing towards Fascism/Socialism fast enough. We need someone in there who will help put the brakes on this movement, not add more fuel to the fire.

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We've had our Tea Parties. Our presence is known. Even the negative media was media acknowledging us. Their reply, their televised news attacks were their 'keep-their-heads-down shot'. Now we need another goal. Right now we have slightly over 600,000 members, hardly enough to swing a local election. We need to unite 9-12'ers, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, and all the other conservative political groups. We need to organize our local groups into state groups. State groups need a regional focus. Regional groups need a national focus. We need more exposure than Glenn can give us. For all of this we are going to need funding, but for those who take the leadership roles, do not expect a salary. That is what we are fighting against, in it for what you can get out of it politics. If Glenn could set up somewhere for us to contribute to, we would have a place to send money that we can all trust. From there it could be distributed. Ideas? Comments? Willing leaders, organizers?

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With all of the ultra left-wing moves the government has been making as of late, I'm am wondering if we have not waited too long to organize. Have we already passed 'critical mass'? What, realistically, can we expect of our united front here? I think, as 912'ers, that we all need to pledge in the next election, whether it is local, state, or national, that we vote against anyone who is now in office - regardless. It may mean some sacrifices, but it will send a message.

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I just want to apologize to all 9-12 er's who are supporting our cause by attending a Tea Party, but I and my family will not be attending because we will be out of the country on April 15th. Please know that this trip was planned long in advance and we would be there to support the cause otherwise. You had better believe that we will be there in spirit. Let our voices be heard, take back our country.

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Though it is a blaringly rigged election, the court in Minnesota has ruled in favor of Franken, an organization like ACORN freely tampers with elections funded by the government in the billions, and now we face a President gerrymandering voting districts to secure Democrat/Socialist control. I pray that we can keep this peaceful, but with each day I see that chance lessen. It seems that every day we take giant strides away from our Constitution. Every day, I meet more people who see little wrong with the actions of our Congress because some little something benefits them, or at least does not directly affect them. Every day, I see a media that is so enamored with a Socialist ideology that they boast the most treasonous of government actions as pure ambrosia – and the public swallows it. With each news story I hear I wonder how much more we can withstand, how much more we will withstand, before we have waited one step too long.

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I’m concerned that our actions here might be too late. Every day it seems Congress strips away more and more of our rights and freedoms. They seek to control our banks, our auto industry, and now they are moving to control our oil industry. We have a Congress, with few exceptions, and Presidency that are extreme beyond compare in their Socialist tendencies as daily they move to disembowel our Constitution. We are governed by cheats, thieves, and scoundrels and we have little recourse because these people have addicted such a large portion of our society to ‘government heroin’. How much longer can we wait before our right to act is taken from us? I would love to think that what we are doing here is fundamental but everyday my fears are doubled. I already doubt that our ability to vote in a change is viable.

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I think a lot of us feel that same way. What if we go and nobody shows up? Two points: People will have to take off work. That is a sacrifice we have to make. The logistics behind organizing, transporting, and sheltering all of those people are far beyond what most of us could do. But we do need to do this. If we don't the alternative is frightening.

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7.) Limit federal government to constitutional role.
8.) Absolutely no government funding for any group whose purpose or actions lead it to organize, or influence voter turn out.
9.) Recall procedures for any and all elected office.
10.) No one is above or beyond the law. No citizen's right weighted above anyone else's.
11.) American English the only language allowed on government publications, signage, or forms.
12.) Rules added to immigration: ability to read, write, and speak English, at least one person in family to be immediately employable to a degree to support remainder of family.
13.) Mandatory military service, refusal to serve disqualifies person from any government assistance or employment.

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.) Term limits on any electible office, no more than two terms or 8 years. Supreme Court seats limited to 12 years.
2.) Fair Tax, or national sales tax, with a capped percentage.
3.) Required balanced budget with elected office salaries last on the list.
4.) Elected office pay raises voted on by constituents.
5.) Government assistance limited to 2 years 6 months for life time. That gives you 2 years to go to school and 6 months to find a job or otherwise change your lifestyle.
6.) More power to States and less to Federal government.
... continued

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The trouble I would have with Line Item Veto is this... what lines would someone like Obama veto if we had a Conservative Congress? Reagan we could trust with that kind of power. Obama, never.