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I don't think anything is set in stone on this show, though, so I think if it would be convenient for Dany to have kids, they would come up with a way for her to have kids. Black magic, a partner change, whatever it takes. They've brought a few people back from death already, so reversing infertility seems like a piece of cake.

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Out of everything I've read in the last year, Station Eleven is the book that has stayed with me the most. It still sort of haunts me.

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I'm just so psyched they're trying anything at all on guns. I think for a long time, both Democrats and Republicans were afraid of being attacked by the NRA. Republicans stayed in their good graces by frying bacon on their assault rifles or whatever, and Democrats kept them happy by staying quiet. It seems to have become clear in the past couple of years that, even if the NRA comes after them, Democrats are unlikely to lose a single vote by fighting for gun control. I feel like they're finally taking this knowledge and going to war, even if they expect to lose the battle.

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Also, when one contacts my congressman via his website, one checks a box about which issue one is writing about. The box for guns is labeled "Second Amendment" which I find so annoying every single time. I am not writing to you about the Second Amendment! I'm writing to you about how awful guns are!

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Lol I'm jealous that you still have that card to play. I've told my GOP congressman that he's lost my vote so many times now, I'm starting to think he's not listening to me! Also I've never and would never vote for him anyway, and that is probably coming across in my emails too. But I did live in John Lewis's district for a while and voted for him then, so I'm feeling pretty proud of him today.

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I went to a bar recently where there were a couple of cocktails with cucumber ice cubes. The bartender said the kitchen grates tons of cucumbers every day for one of their salads, and they kept winding up with all this water from the cucumbers. So they started freezing it to put in some of their cocktails! It was SO GOOD you guys. I vowed to start doing this at home, then realized I don't have an ice tray, then also realized I don't usually have the forethought required for this sort of thing. Still, it remains a life goal.

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No, you're just finding yourself in Chico's! Like I did at a factory outlet mall when I was 15, when I looked around and thought, everything in here looks so... COMFY.

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Yeah, a great way to get invited on a beach trip is to throw out all your swimwear! The universe always hears when you do that.

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This is an option?!?

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Oh man if there's one thing I could tell 19-year-old me it would be Wear Crop Tops All The Time