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I'm glad Letterman apologized, but I'm sad that this trivial yet offensive feud has captured the MSM and talk radio's non-stop attention since it started. I think Michael Savage's being banned from the UK is much more significant, much bigger, and more important news than the Letterman-Palin feud.

The fact of the matter is, Letterman was exercising his free speech even though it was hurtful and in very poor taste. I don't think there's much difference between Letterman and Don Imus but conservatives rallied to defend Imus'.

Michael Savage was literally banned from entering the UK for exercising his free speech rights! His rights were actually violated by the the Home Secretary of the UK, not only that, but European and International law was broken and the MSM, FOX NEWS and practically all of talk radio including Glenn Beck gave Michael's case the silent treatment. Hardly peep was ever mentioned by the so called "principled conservatives". Where was the outrage, or even the "fair and balanced" reporting of the egregious assault on the free speech of a fellow conservative American?!?

While Savage is often critical of his fellow talk show hosts, I would argue that he and the majority of his listeners share at least 7 of the 9 principles espoused by Glenn and this site. Whatever people think of Savage and his radio show, I think the silence of fellow conservatives with regard to the assault on free speech and Dr Savage's rights is highly hypocritical. If we are to live as 9/12'ers and indeed be more honest everyday, insist that justice is blind, that everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that It is not un-American for me to disagree with authority or to share my personal opinion. Then it is unconscionable to be silent when Dr Savage has been so outrageously wronged simply for being disagreeable, and for speaking his mind, and sharing his opinion.

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Go Rubio Go!

I think this is great! We need more conservative, anti-establishment types in my opinion. Kudos to Sen DeMint!

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In the city of brotherly love you can get a free abortion in honor of baby killer, Dr. Tiller.

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Hang on to your guns! Call your senators & tell them to oppose Judge Sotomayor !

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Well just remember that if you're the beer czar you will report directly to Obama, and your primary job duties will be to implement a GREEN CAP & TRADE SCHEME on all Brewing companies. This will cause the price of a six pack to go up at least 50%. You will not be very popular with American Beer drinkers.

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Free Abortions Offered in Memory of baby killer Dr. Tiller:

Meanwhile HR 2410 seeks to use our tax dollars to promote and subsidize abortions in other countries.

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First Guantanamo Bay Terrorist brought to USA for trial.

What happens when a looney, leftist judge lets one of these extremists off for a technicality?

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For that reason alone she should be filibustered. The libs are becoming more and more arrogant and confident. If we do not check them, nothing will stop this madness. The absolute best thing we can do right now is give Obama some reasons to pause, to hesitate and lose some of his supreme confidence. We have to start making these people feel uncomfortable and uncertain, and do it NOW, before they get to heaqlth care , card check, carbon & VAT taxes, guns, and free speech. C'mon people call your Senators and Congressmen.

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Why hasn't anyone stepped up to defend Savage?

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Somebody needs to tell Steele to stand up and fight the Democrats instead of Conservatives, or just step aside, sit down and shut up!