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I have to agree, right here. Though i always reserve judgement, until there is definitive evidence. So far, Twilicorn hasn't shown anything, other than the fact that she automatically knows how to fly. Cuts down on possible plots, and a little OP, but tolerable. In the end, though, I didn't really care one way or the other. I became a Brony because of the fandom, not the show. I do enjoy it, but not in the same vein as most bronies.

At first, it seemed like fan-pandering toward the little girls, or a Hasbro scheme, but upon hearing from Faust herself on the subject, as well as seeing how the episode aired, things were sorta okay. Fans tend to overreact, on both ends of the spectrum. It can't be helped. I simply dug into the meat of what was really going on, and judged from there.

Poor Derpy though....At least she made a triumphant return in the season finale. Always good to see. But now I'm waaaay off topic. Curse my ADHD.

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Damn you, I was just about to comment on that disclaimer. >.>

Anyway, fan-fics aside, it's a pretty close race, but Luna is in the lead.

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How about a poll about theories concerning the Season 4 Opener?

- Alicorn Twilight is expanded upon
- Alicorn Twilight is revoked
- Discord's reformation is expanded upon
- New Villain, better than Sombre
- New Villain, as bad as Sombre
- Rehashing an old villain
- Small but important details looked over
- Small but important details actually answered
- Something else entirely