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Now herein lies the biggest challenge - to that halal certification process under Malaysia's Jakim.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest business in the world probably worth US$ trillions and only a very few control that market. India comes next with the generics industry. The Muslim world are dependent on all suppliers, all from outside their country.

The pharmaceutical companies controlling the stakes do not have to adhere to any halal needs (science and money are all they need), in fact they can even go one step further proving that halal may not be truly halal afterall. Last but not least, medicine is always based on willing buyer willing seller arrangements, that is if cures and saving lives are intent.

This will reminiscent of the tobacco industry fooling the world. While most of these tobacco stake holders have already diversified, the dependents are left smokingly still dependent no matter what results and researches show.

The halal industry is painting itself into an unescapable corner. The Trillion stakeholders are ahead in the game while the halal dependents will be left choiceless in between - where to get halal treatments.

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Malaysia has a population of almost 31 million. 75% of our population can and should sue Sinar Harian for typecasting citizens into LBGT groupings with their non researched, loose classification and heresay judgemental article. Even if 75% of Malaysians are truly LBGT, it is not under the purview of Sinar Harian to pass judgement. What and who gave Sinar the right to question LBGT, when every tenet in the Federal Constituition assures protection for all Malaysians LBGT or not. Holier than thou people are also subjected to the FC - this includes all Sinar Harian employees.

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Now that you have completed your well researched findings, and is speaking very confidently on behalf of men, more specifically Malaysian men, can you please enlighten us more on this finding of yours "..... that there are allegedly “more” trans women these days because men “desire” for them"?

1. Who are those which form the number of transgender? What race, what religion? Which sector of society?
2. Who are the men that desire transgenders? What race, what religion? Which sector of society?
3. Last but not least are the desires (to be transgenders and the men wanting them) a figment of their own imagination or willed upon themselves as and when necessary?

Please do respond so that your research can be picked up by International Medical Journals. One more accolade for the country - Malaysia Boleh!

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Finally, after almost 60 hours and the huge public outcry against, only one man from the government has come out to make a "mild countering" statement along the same line as the public outcry. Even then he does not think it is seditious.

Where is the PM, Defence Minister, the State Award councils, etc. Surely they have records of veterans who served distinguishedly - awards, pensions, bravery, etc.?

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Herein lies the real problem listening to the DPM, one truly wonders if it is mere bravado from a politician or if the lecture was well researched and speaks of knowledge, intelligence and from the heart? To analyse let's see what was said and what was meant.

The first part is a well and good statement - “We have to learn to respect other religions and other religions should also respect our religion,”.

However, he then goes on to say this “Jerusalem is the right of Muslims and Christians alike,” this statement is ambiguous and an oxymoron! He makes no mention of the Jews or Judaism. Do they not have rights too?

Surely the DPM is aware of the 3 great religions from the Books. Jesus and Prophet Muhammed came into this world to correct wrong intepretations and practices. Adam, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Noah, Lot, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Aaron and even Mary and Jesus are all mentioned in these Books. Basically the 3 religions are intertwined no matter how one tries to claim ownership over.

The DPM may be beginning to believe in the government's illogical spin - Allah, Lord and God are three Beings!!! So who is intolerant on religions now?

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Something must be horribly wrong in Malaysia if news can be "misreported by several media outlets" all in one go.

Before any appropriation of blame takes place, lets look at it logically. Hadi made that statement implying only Muslims can be cabinet ministers and he meant exactly what was reported no matter how PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan tries to spin the corrections.

Now it can be that the entire media team present misunderstood him, but as Nasrudin Hassan had explained to refute the media, his explanation itself is even more confusing, and it in no way absolves Hadi's real intent - to confuse the Malays through using religion to win potential votes. It does not matter if the media was right or wrong, Hadi chose intentionally to confuse the nation and the media obliged.

The heavy counters in the social media have frightened other PAS leaders, hence this denial by Nasrudin Hassan.
No one believes and trust PAS anymore, including Najib after Hadi failed to show up in Putrajaya as planned. It's Hadi's last tango, he is fighting for his life within the party and outside against the rakyat.

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UMNO has ruled the country without a break (including the NOC period) for over 60 years, so it safe to assume and state categorically that Malaysia as a whole eats, sleeps and dreams UMNO since August 1957. In short, everything anyone does must include UMNO approval as UMNO is the HEGEMON in this country.

Hegemony is defined as - the social, cultural, ideological, or economic influence exerted by a dominant group.

Does this findings and many more of such nature not point to the fact (today) that the UMNO policies, philosophies, practices, believes and implementations may all be flawed? When will UMNO undertake a proper documented review to put to test or answer whether or not their long experiment on the Malay race has provided the desired results?

Will they even allow independent third parties to help out in truthful assessments? Surely one cannot be the judge, jury and executioner of one's own successes and failures.

This is truthfully a real Malay Dilemma.

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If everything said and found on the Forex loss Inquiry is found to be true and real failures of Mahathir and Anwar does it mean that everything said and found on 1MDB are not true and are not real failures today?

Surely, we must not wait scores of years to dig another skeleton later. Let's undertake another RCI on 1MDB and be finished with it. Lets be fair.

In this way, Malaysians can then have a real feel of all falsehoods of the only government ruling Malaysia for 60 years. It appears that everyone has something to hide and they ALL do not speak truths. We have 60 years of cover up.

The next argument after or just before GE14 shall be - whose falsehood shall be more real to fool the rakyat!

What's the CABINET OATH OF OFFICE for then?

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“PAS has grassroots strength that no other party has" should now instead now read "PAS had............has".

The PAS President must have conveniently forgotten that it takes two hands to clap for he forgot the electorates. The rakyat had voted for the opposition then because there were also many liberals present in PAS in the last election, including the late Nik Aziz. Also the Technocrats and the late Nik Aziz spoke sense then, not what one would hear from PAS in the present.

In fact it was after the passing on of Nik Aziz that the hidden agenda and the bigoted ideas from PAS surfaced, so much so the Liberals themselves within the Party left to form AMANAH. One can wonder out loud, if Nik Aziz is still alive would he still be in PAS?

The argument on grassroot and election machinery may carry weightage but truly they can never be depended upon as a game changer. Don't believe? Just ask UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc. They were incumbents in 2013 with well oiled grassroot and machinery at work, the rakyat decided the fate - not grassroot or machinery.

Last but not least, do not underestimate the electorates, they all can speak with one voice whenever pushed into a corner. Does the PAS President not read the daily signs and cries of electorates?

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What is common sense psyche nows requires religious intervention?

The Education Ministry must not just brush such episodes off, there's more to it than the eye can see - investigate the decision itself, the process in decision making, the proposer of that decision, the supporters and opposers of that decision, the implementors of that decision, hell the whole lot of the school's administrators which supposedly ALL LACK COMMON SENSE. These people are suppose to impart knowledge, not poison young minds.

On completion, undertake a comparison to all other government schools, and see what else lack common sense in all schools in Malaysia. Be ready for surprises and setback statements to be issued, that is if the investigstors themselves do not lack common sense as well.